National Museum of Natural History Launches the Butterfly Spotter Membership Program

November 8, 2012
News Release

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The Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History is launching the Butterfly Spotter Membership Program, a new $20 membership available to Washington, D.C., metropolitan area residents with an enthusiasm for butterfly-related exhibitions, programs and merchandise throughout the museum. The new program will be valid and available for purchase through March 2013. Members receive unlimited free admission to the Live Butterfly Pavilion, a ticket to see Flight of the Butterflies 3D at the Johnson IMAX Theater and a 10 percent discount at all Natural History Museum stores.

Approaching its fifth anniversary in February 2013, the Butterfly Pavilion has offered an exciting way to inspire curiosity in nearly 1 million visitors since opening in February 2008. At the Butterfly Pavilion, members can visit a warm and vibrant environment that simulates a butterfly’s native climate. The pavilion’s temperature is maintained at 80 degrees while lights shine with sunlight-like brightness and spray nozzles humidify the air between 60 and 80 percent humidity. The pavilion is home to more than 300 live butterflies that interact with a host of plant species, such as jasmine, pentas, lantana and more. A variety of butterfly species from Africa, Asia and South America live in the Pavilion, changing on a weekly basis to give visitors a unique experience to enjoy each time they explore the exhibition.

In addition to unlimited visits to the Butterfly Pavilion, members can attend the museum’s Johnson IMAX Theater for a free viewing of the newly released film, Flight of the Butterflies 3D. Based on a true story, the film immerses audiences in a scientist’s journey that spans thousands of miles and several generations—tracking real monarch butterflies from their northern habitats to their winter haven in Mexico. Viewers will have an opportunity to see hundreds of millions of these butterflies all gathered together at one site, in stunning 3-D, on Washington, D.C.’s largest IMAX screen.

“Butterfly Spotter” members also receive a 10 percent discount at all of the Natural History Museum’s stores. These include: the Gem and Mineral Store, Gallery Store, Family Store, Mammal Store and Natural History Express Kiosk. Books, jewelry, plush animals, educational toys and exhibition-related items are available for purchase.

The membership will be available throughout the winter months. For a limited time, companies may purchase Butterfly Spotter Membership cards in bulk. These can be distributed among staff as a thank you, a holiday present or a congratulatory gift. To purchase a bulk order, contact the Smithsonian’s group sales office at (866) 868-7774 or visit to claim individual memberships.

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