Santos General Reading List  

Ceremony of Spirit: Nature and Memory in Contemporary Latino Art. Catalog of an exhibition held at the Mexican Museum, December 8, 1993-February 20, 1994. San Francisco, CA: Mexican Museum, 1993.

The Fifth Sun: Contemporary/Traditional Chicano and Latino Art. Catalog of an exhibition held at the University Art Museum, Berkeley, October 12-November 20, 1977 and the Art Gallery, University of California, Santa Barbara, January 4-February 12, 1978. Berkeley, CA: University Art Museum, University of California, 1977.

In the Heart of the Country : En el corázon del país. Exhibition April 20-June 22, 1991 in the Chicago Public Library Cultural Center. Chicago, IL: City of Chicago, Department of Cultural Affairs, 1991.

Revelaciones - Revelations: Hispanic Art of Evanescence. Catalog of an exhibition at the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, November 6-December 19, 1993. Ithaca, NY: Hispanic American Studies Program, Cornell University, 1993.

Thunder Over Miami: Ritual Objects of Nigerian and AfroCuban Religion. Catalog of an exhibition held at the University Gallery, University of Florida, September 7-October 17, 1982; Frances Wolfson Art Gallery, New World Center Campus, Miami-Dade Community College, January 10-February 25, 1983; North Campus, Miami-Dade Community College, February 25-March 14, 1983. Miami, FL: Miami-Dade Community College, 1982.

Vargas, George. Contemporary Latino Art in Michigan, the Midwest, and the Southwest. Ph.D. Thesis, University of Michigan, 1988.