Santos: Substance & Soul
at the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico (MAPR) Installation, Opening, and Exhibit

Photos by Johnny Betacort, MAPR, and Don Williams, SCMRE

Exhibit banner in front of Museo de Art de Puerto Rico
Exhibit banner at the front entrance of the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico

Exhibition Sponsors, MAPR staff, SCMRE staff
Exhibition Sponsors, MAPR staff and SCMRE staff Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, December 13, 2001

Moving into exhibit hall
Moving objects into Exhibition Hall

Unpacking the exhibit
Unpacking the exhibit

Checking the humidity chambers
Rick Pelasara, Fabrication Supervisor, Office of Exhibits Central, Smithsonian Institution, checked out humidity chamber

Cleaning a vitrine
Cleaning a vitrine

Inspecting objects before installing
Lee Williams, Head Registrar, SITES, inspected the objects prior to installation

Press preview of exhibit
Press Preview for exhibit

Opening remarks for exhibit
Lambertus van Zelst, Director of SCMRE, Exhibit Opening

Opening night
Opening night of the exhibition

Opening Night
Opening night of the exhibition

Exhibition entrance
Exhibition Entrance

Spanish Colonial Santos hall
Exhibition Hall, Spanish Colonial Santos

New Mexico santos hall
Exhibition Hall, New Mexico Santos

Puerto Rico santos hall
Exhibition Hall, Puerto Rico Santos