Preservation: Identifying Problems and Solutions Facing Paper-Based Collections

(Updated 2/25/00)   (Español)

A. PROBLEMS (Graphic)

Introduction: Recognizing Problems (quiz)

1. Use

2. Value

3. Risk (Risk reduction functions)

4. Substrates (Component nature and deterioration; paper making history and properties; scientific analysis, teaching with paper-making)

5. Media (Component nature and deterioration; scientific analysis)

6. Formats (Component nature and deterioration)

7. External Factors of Deterioration

Conclusion, credits and references




B. SOLUTIONS (Graphic) (Mandarin - Graphic; Text [this needs a Chinese software program to view properly]) (Mongolian - Graphic)(Urdu - Graphic)(Portuguese - Graphic)(Shona - Graphic)

Introduction : Developing Solutions
AIC's Introduction to care of works on paper

1. Preservation management: planning and administration (Examples of mission statements)

2. Preservation duplication/reformatting

3. Environmental control (General information: LC, HFMGV, MNHS, General)

4. Collections maintenance (processing graphic)

5. Conservation treatment (graphic of treatment categories) (graphic of laboratory floor plan) (general)

6. Preservation research (graphic of analytical techniques)

7. Preservation training

For more information, please contact Dianne van der Reyden, Senior Paper Conservator, SCMRE.