FCTP Admission and Application

Admission to the Program was competitive. Minimum prerequisites were substantial woodworking skill including cabinetmaking, veneering, carving, turning, and finishing, plus completion of a Bachelor's degree including two semesters of general chemistry with laboratory, two semesters of organic chemistry with laboratory, and one semester each of art history and drawing. There was some flexibility to allow non-chemistry academic deficiencies to be made up during the first year of the Program.

The Program ran on four-year cycles, accepting new students only at the beginning of each cycle. Six applicants were accepted into the Furniture Conservation Training Program and were required to sign a statement of intent to complete the Program. Tuition fees of $2000.00 per year were waived. Students were responsible for their own expenses, including but not limited to travel, lodging, meals, books, homework, personal tools, and loss of income, if any.

The following items comprised the application.

1. Resume with current address, phone number, etc.

2. Official transcripts of college courses

3. Statement of woodworking experience, including a description of the breadth and depth of each individual skill.

4. Photographic portfolio, which should show 10 - 20 projects illustrating the skills described above. Brief written descriptions of the projects are recommended. Fabrication projects are preferable to restoration. Portfolio must be no larger than 9" x 12". Sharp pictures are a must.

5. Statement of career intent. Describe your interest in furniture conservation, and your projected career goals. Both information content and writing ability will be evaluated.

6. Two letters of recommendation from individuals capable of judging your capabilities, i.e. conservators, museum professionals, college instructors, woodworking employers, etc. Letters should be sent directly to MCI Training Secretary.

7. A recent photograph of yourself

8. If you do not fulfill all the academic requirements, a statement of how you intend to complete these by the conclusion of the first Program year must be submitted. This should include specific information such as course schedules and descriptions from the institution at which you will be matriculating.

The Furniture Conservation Training Program (FCTP) has been discontinued.

It was the applicant's responsibility to make sure the application is complete by the due date or the application will not be considered. The applications will be reviewed, after which a limited number of candidates may be invited for personal interviews at the Smithsonian's Museum Conservation Instutute.

For further information, contact:
Museum Conservation Institute
Smithsonian Institution
MRC 534
Washington, DC 20560
(301) 238 - 1240