APRIL 1-3, 1998

This course is designed for conservators with a particular interest in removal of accidental soiling and staining of porous materials, principally fabrics.   A review of surfactants, solvent systems, and reagents will be followed by a discussion of the most common adventitious stains found in museums and on museum collections.  Toxicity, MSDS sheets, and the advantages/disadvantages of proprietary mixtures will be addressed.  Recent technological developments and current restrictions regarding dry cleaning solvents will be explained.  Topics of particular interest are: the interrelationship of fiber type to detergent system and stain adsorption, the chemistry of colorants (dyes, pigments, food and fungal colorants) and the chemistry of their removal; and the limitation of cleaning systems as a function of the condition or previous history of the object.  Lectures in the morning will be followed by practical laboratory sessions in the afternoon.  Dr. Heasoon Rhee will join SCMRE staff in teaching and working with the participants.  Unaccessioned, personal stained items of apparel may be brought to the course with prior approval, although samples will be provided.

Who Should Attend: Textile and other conservators who deal with treatment of museum specimens or graffiti on porous surfaces.


Course Fee:          $250.00 per person
Enrollment:          10 participants
Time:                    Wednesday-Friday
Deadline:              February 28, 1998 or as filled
Location:         Smithsonian Center for Materials Research and Education,   Museum Support Center
For Information:   Mary Ballard 301-238-3700 x145
                                Francine Lewis 301-238-3700 x102
To apply:              Please fill out course registration form.