2018-2019 Postgraduate/Postdoctoral Fellowships in Conservation of Museum Collections

The Smithsonian’s Office of Fellowships and Internships has announced one-year fellowships for recent graduates of masters programs in art and archaeological conservation (or the equivalent) or conservation scientists, including those at the postdoctoral level, to conduct research and gain further training in Smithsonian centers for the conservation and research of museum collections. The fellowship begins in the fall of 2018. A stipend of $41,000 is being offered at the postgraduate level and $55,400 at the postdoctoral level, plus a research allowance up to $4,000. While 12-month fellowship proposals are preferred, applications for projects of shorter duration (3 to 12 months) are acceptable, with a commensurate reduction to the stipend amounts. The prospective fellow must first contact the conservator or scientist with whom he or she would like to work and is encouraged to seek direction with crafting an effective proposal. Previously successful proposals have benefited from the proposed mentor’s guidance in developing the research question and navigating the Smithsonian collections. If the potential supervisor confirms that candidacy is suitable, application must be made through the Office of Fellowships and Internships by December 1, 2017. Notification of decisions will be made no later than April 1, 2018. Program guidelines and instructions for application are available at http://www.smithsonianofi.com/fellowship-opportunities/smithsonian-postgraduate-fellowships-in-conservation-of-museum-collections-program/

Fellows may be hosted in the conservation and analytical laboratories of several Smithsonian museums and research centers, with the possibility of additional facilities for analytical work available at the Museum Conservation Institute (MCI). The conservator contacts for these museums are listed below:

Malcolm Collum, Engen Conservation Chair, National Air and Space Museum (objects,) 703-572-4361, collumm@si.edu

Janice Ellis, Senior Paper Conservator, National Museum of American History (books and paper), 202-633-3623, ellisjs@si.edu

Kira Eng-Wilmot, Senior Textile Conservator, Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum (decorative/applied arts: textiles, paper, three-dimensional objects), 212-849-8462, engwilmots@si.edu

Sunae Park Evans, Senior Costume Conservator, National Museum of American History (costumes and textiles), 202-633-3629, evanssu@si.edu

Andrew Hare, Supervisory Oriental Art Restoration, Freer and Sackler Galleries (objects, paper, and Asian paintings; and conservation science), 202-633-0370, harean@si.edu.

Catharine Hawks, Museum Conservator, National Museum of Natural History (natural history and anthropological objects), 202-633-0835, hawksc@si.edu

Amber Kerr, Acting Chief of Conservation, Smithsonian American Art Museum (colonial to contemporary paintings, paper, objects, and frames), 202-633-4346, kerra@si.edu

Nora Lockshin, Senior Conservator, Smithsonian Institution Archives (archives, books, and paper), 202-633-5913, lockshinn@si.edu

Lou Molnar, Head of Conservation, National Portrait Gallery (paintings and paper), 202-633-5822, molnarl@si.edu

Beth Richwine, Senior Objects Conservator, National Museum of American History (objects), 202-633-3639, richwineb@si.edu

Gwynne Ryan, Chief Conservator, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden (modern materials), 202-633- 2728, ryangw@si.edu

The Smithsonian’s Museum Conservation Institute (MCI) offers postings for treatment and research projects benefiting Smithsonian collections that make use of MCI’s excellent analytical capabilities (http://www.si.edu/mci/). If your proposal requires analytical or technical expertise of MCI, you must include an MCI staff member as an advisor or co-advisor for your proposal. Contact:

Mary Ballard, Senior Textiles Conservator, 301-238-1210, ballardm@si.edu

Shannon A. Brogdon-Grantham, Photograph and Paper Conservator, 301-238-1241, brogdon-granthams@si.edu

A. Elena Charola, Research Scientist (biodeterioration, stone), 301-238-1213, charolaa@si.edu

Timothy P. Cleland, Physical Scientist (proteomics, paleoproteomics), 301-238-1208, clelandtp@si.edu

Paula T. DePriest, Deputy Director (biodeterioration), 301-238-1206, depriestp@si.edu

Christine France, Research Physical Scientist (stable isotopes), 301-238-1261, francec@si.edu

Carol Grissom, Senior Objects Conservator, 301-238-1236, grissomc@si.edu 

Jessica S. Johnson, Head of Conservation (archaeological materials), 301-238-1218, johnsonjs@si.edu

Rebecca Kaczkowski, Preventive Conservator, 301-238-1242, kaczkowskir@si.edu

Gwénaëlle Kavich, Conservation Scientist (materials characterization), 301-238-1265, kavichgm@si.edu

Robert J. Koestler, Director (biodeterioration), 301-238-1205, koestlerr@si.edu

Thomas Lam, Physical Scientist (SEM-EDS, CL, XRF and microfadeometry), 301-238-1232, lamt@si.edu

Nicole Little, Physical Scientist (ICP-MS, XRD, SEM-EDS), 301-238-1243, littlen@si.edu

G. Asher Newsome, Physical Scientist (mass spectrometry, ambient ionization, GCMS, LCMS), 301-238-1223, newsomeg@si.edu

Dawn Rogala, Paintings Conservator (modern paints, artists’ materials research/archives), 301-238-1255, rogalad@si.edu

Caroline Solazzo, Research Physical Scientist (proteomics), 301-238-1284, solazzoc@si.edu

Jia-Sun Tsang, Senior Paintings Conservator (research and treatment of modern and contemporary art), 301-238-1231, tsangj@si.edu 

Ed Vicenzi, Research Scientist (microanalysis & imaging of heritage materials), 301-238-1215, vicenzie@si.edu

E. Keats Webb, Imaging Specialist (scientific and computational imaging), 301-238-1212, webbekeats@si.edu