2011 Internships for Research Projects at MCI

The Smithsonian’s Museum Conservation Institute is offering short-term opportunities to work on research projects with staff members. Preference will be given to applicants currently enrolled in conservation training programs or graduate students in related subjects. A stipend may be offered for a period of up to 10 weeks. The internships are intended mainly for the summer of 2011, but consideration will be given to projects at other times during the year. Projects will be supervised by the following staff members, whom applicants are urged to contact in advance of application:

Mary Ballard, Senior Textiles Conservator, 301-238-1210, ballardm@si.edu
Harriet F. (Rae) Beaubien, Senior Objects Conservator (archaeological materials), 301-238-1235,  beaubienh@si.edu
Paula DePriest, Deputy Director (biodeterioration), 301-238-1206, depriestp@si.edu
Christine France, Physical Scientist (stable isotopes), 301-238-1261, francec@si.edu
Jennifer Giaccai, Conservation Scientist, 301-238-1211, giaccaij@si.edu
Carol Grissom, Senior Objects Conservator, 301-238-1236, grissomc@si.edu
Robert Koestler, Director (biodeterioration), 301-238-1205, koestlerr@si.edu
Odile Madden, Research Scientist, 301-238-1257, madden@si.edu
Mehdi Moini, Senior Research Scientist (mass spectrometry/ proteomics) 301-238-1238,   moinim@si.edu
Hanna Szczepanowska, Conservator, 301-238-1232, szczepanowskah@si.edu
Jeff Speakman, Head of Technical Studies (archaeological materials), 301-238-1242,  speakmanj@si.edu
Jia-Sun Tsang, Senior Paintings Conservator (modern and contemporary art), 301-238-1231,  tsangj@si.edu
Ed Vicenzi, research scientist (microchemistry/ microscopy), 301-238-1215, vicenzie@si.edu
Melvin Wachowiak, Senior Conservator (advanced imaging, 3D scanning, and wooden artifacts),
 301-238-1218, wachowiakm@si.edu
Donald Williams, Senior Furniture Conservator (wooden artifacts), 301-238-1239,   williamsd@si.edu


Applications must be made on line at https://solaa.si.edu by March 30, 2011.  Selected candidates will be interviewed by telephone, although MCI visits are welcome.  Notifications will be sent by April 15, 2011.