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The dissemination of information in electronic form to multiple audiences was a priority activity during the past decade. MCI has produced videotapes, where appropriate, to communicate technical information to its various professional audiences. Past productions include:

Furniture Care and Handling - the first in a series of videos aimed at collections managers and caretakers without preservation or conservation training. It provides guidance on issues such as exhibit environments; handling and moving; and common maintenance procedures.

Rescuing Records--Recognizing the Problems of Preserving Documents in Research Collections - this video is designed for collections managers in museums, archives, libraries, and the general public. Problems associated with preserving paper documents are presented and recommendations are given to promote preservation.

Practical Information on the Identification of Natural Dyes on Historic Textiles - Two-hour video features Dr. Helmut Schweppe, world renowned authority on the analysis of historic dyes, reviewing and demonstrating wet chemical tests and thin layer chromatography to identify natural dyes on historic textiles. Intended for textile conservation professionals, the focus of the video tape is to illustrate specific test methods.

The Conservation of the 'Ain-Ghazal Plasters - Using footage obtained during the careful video documentation of this important and complex conservation projects, a videotape will be produced for release in conjunction with the planned exhibit of these objects. The target audience for this tape goes beyond the immediate conservation profession and will include more general audiences.


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Practical Information on the Identification of Natural Dyes on Historic Textiles
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