Edward Vicenzi

Research Scientist


Phone: 301-238-1215
E-mail Address: VicenziE [at] si.edu
Twitter handle: @DrMicroanalysis
LinkedIn: connect with me there
ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-2085-6546

Museum Conservation Institute
Smithsonian Institution
4210 Silver Hill Road
Suitland, MD 20746


B.Sc. McGill University
M.S. University of Oregon
Ph.D. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Research Specialties and Interests

Investigation of museum specimens using advanced microanalysis techniques to understand their history and origin.

Professional Leadership/Distinction

Fellow of the Microanalysis Society (2019)
International Union of Microbeam Analysis Societies, President (2014-2017)
Microanalysis Society, President (2009-2010)

Abbreviated Biography

Edward Vicenzi is a research scientist at the Smithsonian Institution’s Museum Conservation Institute (MCI). His work involves using microbeam techniques to study museum specimens and related materials to understand their history and origin.  Before taking-up his position at MCI he served as the Director of the Analytical Laboratories in the National Museum of Natural History’s (NMNH) Department of Mineral Sciences and the co-manager of the Imaging and Analysis Center at Princeton University.  He has served as President and Director of the Microanalysis Society, principal and co-organizer of MAS topical conferences, chair of the NMNH Senate of Scientists, co-chair for M&M conferences, MAS tour speaker, as well as an organizer for M&M symposia. He is the past-president for the International Union of Microbeam Analysis Societies (IUMAS), an editorial board member for Heritage Science, a Fellow of the Microanalysis Society, and has served as a panel member for science funding agencies as well as Chair of the IUMAS-6 congress.  His publications are focused on inorganic microscale chemistry of heritage science materials, in addition to minerals and glasses related to Earth and planetary science studies.  He obtained a PhD from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, an MS from the University of Oregon, and a BSc from McGill University, all in Earth Sciences.

Recent Publications

Sharps, MC, MM Martinez, M Brandl, T Lam, and EP Vicenzi. An SEM-based Micro-XRF Examination of Rectangular Mesoamerican Obsidian Tablets, Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports (in press).

McCloy, J. S., J. Marcial, J. S. Clarke, M. Ahmadzadeh, J. A. Wolff, E. P. Vicenzi, D. L. Bollinger, E. Ogenhall, M. Englund, C. I. Pearce, R. Sjöblom and A. A. Kruger. 2021. Reproduction of Melting Behavior for Vitrified Hillforts Based on Amphibolite, Granite, and Basalt Lithologies. Scientific reports, 11(1):1272.

Zangmeister, C.D., Radney, J.G., Vicenzi, E.P. and Weaver, J.L. (2020) Filtration Efficiencies of Nanoscale Aerosol by Cloth Mask Materials Used to Slow the Spread of SARS CoV-2. ACS Nano, 14(7):9188-9200.

Sharps, MC, CA Grissom, and EP Vicenzi. (2020) Nanoscale Structure and Compositional Analysis of Manganese Oxide Coatings on the Smithsonian Castle, Washington, DC. Chemical Geology 537: 119486

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Grissom, C.A., Aloiz, E.M., Vicenzi, E.P. and Livingston, R.A. (2018). Seneca sandstone: a heritage stone from the USA. Geological Society, London, Special Publications486, pp.SP486-4.

McCoy TJ, Marquardt AE, Wasson JT, Ash JD, and Vicenzi, EP. (2017) The Anoka, Minnesota Iron Meteorite As Parent To Hopewell Meteoritic Metal Beads From Havana, Illinois. Journal of Archaeological Science 81: 13-22.

Kaczkowski, Rebecca A., Dajnowski, B. A. and Vicenzi, Edward P. (2017). From Earth to Outer Space: Laser cleaning semiprecious quartz and a novel application for meteoritic metal. In: Targowski, P., Walczak, M. and Pouli, P. (eds.), Lasers in the Conservation of Artworks XI: Proceedings of the International Conference LACONA XI, Krakow, Poland, 20-23 September 2016. Torun, Poland: Nicolaus Copernicus Press pp. 47-62. doi:10.12775/3875-4.03

Charola AE, Vicenzi, EP, Grissom CA, Little N. (2017) Composition and Characteristics of Kasota Limestone on the Exterior of the National Museum of the American Indian Building in Conservation of the Exterior of the National Museum of the American Indian Building, 17-26.

Vicenzi, E.P., Grissom, C.A., Livingston, R.A. and Weldon-Yochim, Z. (2016) Rock Varnish on Architectural Sandstone: Microscopy and Analysis of Nanoscale Manganese Oxide Deposits on the Smithsonian Castle, Washington, DC. Heritage Science 2016 4:26.

Martin, A.A., Lin, T., Toth, M., Westphal, A.J., Vicenzi, E.P., Beeman, J. and Silver, E.H. (2016) Exposure and analysis of microparticles embedded in silica aerogel keystones using NF3-mediated electron beam induced etching and energy-dispersive x-ray spectroscopy. Meteoritics & Planetary Science 51: 1-10 doi: 10.1111/maps.12655.

Magee CW, Teles G, Vicenzi EP, Taylor W, and Heaney P (2016) Uranium irradiation history of carbonado diamond; implications for Paleoarchean oxidation in the São Francisco craton (South America), Geology 44:  doi:10.1130/G37749.1

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Schrader CS, Cohen BA, Donovan JJ, and Vicenzi EP (2016) Ni/S/Cl Systematics and the Origin of Impact-Melt Glasses in Martian Meteorite EET 79001. Meteoritics and Planetary Science 51: 663-680.

Corrigan, C., Velbel, M., and Vicenzi, E.P. (2015) Modal abundances of pyroxene, olivine, and mesostasis in nakhlites: Heterogeneity, variation, and implications for nakhlite emplacement. Meteoritics and Planetary Science50, 1-15.

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