G. Asher Newsome

Research Physical Scientist


Phone: 301-238-1223
Fax: 301-238-3709
E-mail Address: NewsomeG [at] si.edu

Museum Conservation Institute
Smithsonian Institution
4210 Silver Hill Road
Suitland, MD 20746


PhD, Chemistry, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, NC (2009)
MS, Chemistry, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, NC (2007)
BS, Chemistry, University of Georgia, Athens, GA (2005)

Research Methods and Technical Skills

  • Mass Spectrometry and Analytical Separation Chemistry
  • Orbitrap and Hybrid Analyzer Mass Spectrometry
  • Triple Quadrupole and Quadrupole Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry
  • Liquid Chromatography
  • Time-of-flight Mass Spectrometry
  • Gas Chromatography
  • Data Analysis and Statistical Applications


Recent Research Activities

New Methods in Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry

  • Improvement to Chemical Ionization (CI) Methods
  • Preconcentration of Ammonium Nitrate Degradation Products
  • Coupling to High Resolution Mass Spectrometry

Ambient Mass Spectrometry

  • Analysis for Explosives and Involatile and Volatile Compounds in Ambient Headspace
  • Measurement of Ambient Humidity Effects on Post-plasma Ionization
  • Routine Analysis of Surfaces and Coupling to Gas Chromatography

Food Allergen Quantification by Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry

  • Selected Reaction Monitoring of Bovine Alpha-S1-casein Peptides
  • Analyte and Internal Standard Recovery in Food Matrices
  • Setup of Portable Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer
  • Participation in Round-Robin Assay Testing

Professional Activities

2010-present Washington-Baltimore Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group
co-chair 2013-2015; webmaster 2016-present

2010-present American Chemical Society

2007-present American Society for Mass Spectrometry


Recent Publications

GA Newsome, TP Cleland; In-Line Dopant Generation for Atmospheric Pressure Ionization Mass Spectrometry. Analytical Chemistry 2021, 93 (40), 13527-13533.

A Alvarez-Martin, GA Newsome, K Janssens; High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry and Nontraditional Mass Defect Analysis of Brominated Historical Pigments. Analytical Chemistry 2021, 3 (44), 14851-14858.

GA Newsome; Extending the Reach: Non-Proximate Sampling for Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Large Objects and Surfaces. LCGC North America 2021, 39 (10s), 14-16.

GA Newsome, KJ Johnson, MP Malito; Concentric permeation system for transfer of neutral gaseous material. US Patent App. 17/207,336. 2021.

A Alvarez-Martin, J George, E Kaplan, L Osmond, L Bright, GA Newsome, R Kaczkowski, F Vanmeert, G Kavich, S Heald; Identifying VOCs in exhibition cases and efflorescence on museum objects exhibited at Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian-New York. Heritage Science 2020, 8 (1), 1-13.

GA Newsome, G Kavich, A Alvarez-Martin; Interface for Reproducible, Multi-shot Direct Analysis of Solid-phase Microextraction Samples. Analytical Chemistry 2020, 92 (6), 4182-4186.

C Romano, T Lam, GA Newsome, JA Taillon, N Little, J Tsang; Characterization of zinc carboxylates in an oil paint test panel. Studies in Conservation 2020, 65 (1), 14-27.

I Finkelde, GA Newsome; Salting Out: A Simple and Reliable Method to Distinguish Between Common Fluid Preservatives and Estimate Alcohol Concentration. Collection Forum 2020, 34 (1), 11-31.

A Alvarez-Martin, TP Cleland, GM Kavich, K Janssens, GA Newsome; Rapid evaluation of the debromination mechanism of eosin in oil paint by direct analysis in real time and direct infusion-electrospray ionization mass spectrometry. Analytical Chemistry 2019, 91 (16), 10856-10863.

MW Ballard, GA Newsome, S Heald; An Ongoing Mystery: Copper Kettles And Chilkat Blue. The Textile Specialty Group Postprints, 2019.

TP Cleland, GA Newsome, RE Hollinger; Proteomic and direct analysis in real time mass spectrometry analysis of a Native American ceremonial hat.Analyst 2019, 144 (24), 7437-7446.

RA Baglia, GA Newsome, MW Ballard; Ambient Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Alizarin-Dyed Textile and Dye Transfer to Paper. The Textile Specialty Group Postprints, 2018.

GA Newsome, I Kayama, SA Brogdon-Grantham; Direct analysis in real time mass spectrometry (DART-MS) of discrete sample areas without heat damage. Analytical Methods 2018, 10 (9), 1038-1045.