Odile Madden

Research Scientist



PhD in Materials Science and Engineering with a minor in Classics, University of Arizona
Degrees in the History of Art and Archaeology, Art Conservation, and Italian from New York University and UCLA

Research Specialties, Interests and Responsibilities

The role of polymer-plasticizer interaction in material degradation, characterization and reverse engineering of historic "plastic" artifacts, and technical study of the National Air and Space Museum collection.

Recent Publications

Horelick, Lauren A., McHugh, Kelly and Madden, Odile. 2011. What's Going on with Guts: Assessing Adhesives Used to Repair Cultural Objects Made of Gut Skin. In: Adhesives and Consolidants for Conservation: Research and Applications. Symposium 2011. Ottawa: Canadian Conservation Institute, pp.1-18.

Madden, Odile, Johnson, Jessica and Anderson, Jae. 2010. Pesticide Remediation in Context: Toward Standardization of Detection and Risk Assessment. In: Koestler, Robert J. and Charola, Asuncion E., Pesticide Mitigation in Museum Collections: Science in Conservation: Proceedings from the MCI Workshop Series. Washington, DC: Smithsoian Institution Scholarly Press, pp.1-6.

Sirois, P. J., Johnson, Jessica S., Shugar, Aaron, Poulin, Jennifer and Madden, Odile. 2009. Pesticide Contamination: Working Together to Find a Common Solution. In: Preserving Aborigional Heritage: Technical and Traditional Approaches: Proceedings of Symposium 2007. Ottawa: Canadian Heritage, Canadian Conservation Institute, pp.175-186.

Tsang, Jia-sun, Madden, Odile, Coughlin, Mary, Maiorana, Anthony, Watson, Judy, Little, Nicole C. and Speakman, Robert Jeff. 2009. Degradation of 'Lumarith' Cellulose Acetate Examination and Chemical Analysis of a Salesman's Sample Kit. Studies in Conservation, 54(2): 90-105.

Madden, Odile. 2008. Sevres Porcelain Technical Notes. In: Bennett, Shelley M. and Sargentson, Carolyn, French Art of the Eighteenth Century at The Huntington. New Haven and London: Yale University Press, pp.

Recent talks

The Age of Plastic Symposium