Martha Goodway

Metallurgist, Emeritus



S.B. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1958)

Research Specialties and Interests

  • Archaeometallurgy
  • The study of the traditional technologies of mining, smelting, refining, and forming of metals and their by-products in Europe, Egypt, and Southwest Asia
  • The metals of music

Recent Publications

Goodway, Martha E. 2009. Overstrung strings from 18th- and 19th-century English square pianos. Historical Metallurgy, 43(2): 98-102.

Goodway, Martha 2005. 'Westphalian' fining: a tool mis-identified. Historical Metallurgy, 39(1): 29-31.

Elban, W.L. and Goodway, M. 2004. Metallurgical Investibation of an Iron Cable Wire in a Gries-Gendell (Severson) Girder. APT Bulletin, 35(2-3): 17-26.