Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to MCI?
See our driving directions.

How do I access the offprints and reprints?
Contact the Technical Information Office… after searching BCIN.

Are there any job openings?
Please check at the Smithsonian Institution Career Center at or at the US Federal Government site USAJOBS at for current listings. For recently closed job offerings, please go to Past Jobs.

Will my internship be considered?
Placement depends upon the availability of a project or a match between the applicant's interest and an ongoing project.  There may be project-specific opportunities from time to time.  Contact OFG for more information…

 What is the difference between an internship and a fellowship?
An internship is a prearranged highly structured learning experience that takes place within a specific time frame for a minimum of 20 hours per week. Interns are usually undergraduate students or recent graduates who receive practical experience under the supervision of an MCI scientist or conservator or an MCI Research Affiliate. An internship is characterized by its instructional or tutorial character. All interns perform work directly under a supervisor who encourages the intern to analyze and reflect on the work and to use the internship to help accomplish his/her academic and professional goals. No independent research should be conducted during the tenure of an internship.

In contrast, fellows carry out their own project with a Staff Scientist or Conservator as their advisor. Fellowships are offered to support independently conceived and designed research by a person at an advanced academic level working with Smithsonian staff members and making use of Smithsonian facilities and other resources. Fellowships are awarded for the primary educational benefit of the fellowship recipient, based on the merit of the scholarly research. The candidate must have a MCI advisor from among the research staff members for guidance, assistance, and consultation during his/her residence at the Smithsonian.