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[Narrator] The Smithsonian sparks discovery, exploration, curiosity, and a passion for knowledge.

There are so many venues and opportunities to reach people.

It's a place of rich potentials.

[Narrator] Inspiring generations of students to be innovators and lifelong learners. The work of Smithsonian Education can be found all over the world in museums, classrooms, online, and in the community.

Museums help open up your eyes to learn and see things that you never think you'd see.

Well, we find the stories, and then we tell them, and then people recognize themselves in them, and then they come to the Smithsonian.

[Narrator] Every day Smithsonian educators continue a legacy of learning.

I want to provide resources and programs to the kids who may never have any other opportunity to access this museum.

We really focus our evaluation work on understanding teachers and what happens in the classroom.

[Narrator] As the world around us grows and changes, Smithsonian Education has continued to developinnovative ways to share knowledge with as many people as possible.

We have to find new entry points for people to engage in museum experiences, and part of that means redefinig what an exhibition, or a collection, or a museum is in general

[Narrator] Smithsonian Education has given educators around the world the ability to bring the treasured resources of the Smithsonian to students far outside of Washington, D.C.

Because the museums are in Washington, D.C. a lot of us around the country don't realize the importance of the exhibitions, and also the traveling exhibitions that come right to our neighborhoods.

[Narrator] Help continue the Smithsonian's legacy of learning, and inspire learners now and for generations to come. Support Smithsonian Education today.