For more than 175 years, the Smithsonian has sparked curiosity and a passion for knowledge. Today, our dynamic educators continue this pursuit, showcasing stories, artifacts, and exhibitions to over 8 million young people around the globe. Each year, across 21 museums and libraries, the National Zoo and Science Centers, the Smithsonian proudly partners with teachers to develop interactive lessons for all ages and at-home activities for families. Many of our museums offer virtual age-appropriate field trips and interactive experiences, giving students a view of the Smithsonian without ever leaving their home or classroom. We also offer many localized resources, from STEAM initiatives and environmental awareness projects to programs that spotlight art and honor cultural heritage. As we aim to reach every classroom in America, Smithsonian education has an incredible opportunity to empower tomorrow's innovators, those who will live and work on Mars, solve the climate change crisis, and write the next chapter of our collective history. Our mission is clear. We're investing in our future leaders today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.