In the Line of Duty: Dangers, Disasters, and Good Deeds

October 8, 2003 – January 2, 2007

Sign prepared by a child that reads, “Thank You Postal Worker for being so Brave!”

National Postal Museum
2 Massachusetts Ave., NE
Washington, DC

Binding the Nation, Lower Level

See on Map Floor Plan

This exhibition surveys the dangers faced by the nation's postal workers, honors their individual acts of heroism, and celebrates the U.S. Postal Service's involvement in a program that distributes pictures of missing children to tens of millions of homes each week.

Highlights include:

  • a detonator used in a 1923 train robbery
  • goggles worn by an early airmail pilot who died in a plane crash
  • a mail sorting desk use by a letter carrier who served part of the World Trade Center
  • a "Welcome Home" teddy bear that is given to every recovered child