Smithsonian Learning Lab


Create your very own art-making robot out of everyday household materials and simple electronics. 

Grades 3–8. Learning Lab collection featuring step-by-step instructions for beginning circuitry project, instructional video, PZ thinking routine, and scaffolded lesson plan. 

Smithsonian Learning Lab

Let's Make and Play: Coins in the Bank

Craft a piggy bank and fill it with paper coins from around the world!

Grades PK–2. Learning Lab collection containing step-by-step activity, reflection questions, and extension ideas.

Smithsonian Learning Lab

Talk With Me Toolkit: Music

Listen to a beatboxer make music and experiment with making different sounds with your voice with tips from this Smithsonian Music resource.

Grades PK–1. Learning Lab collection containing conversation prompts, videos, and hands-on activities. 

Smithsonian Learning Lab

Spotting Symbols in the Lansdowne Portrait of George Washington

Follow the clues to uncover the mysteries of the Lansdowne portrait at the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery. Each correct answer will help you learn something about George Washington and the portrait!

Grades 4–6. Learning Lab collection containing portrait looking exercise, video, and critical thinking question annotations.

Smithsonian Learning Lab

My Beautiful Skin

Explore age-appropriate resources and activities for having conversations about race with young learners. 

Grades PK–2. Learning Lab collection containing images, videos, and reflection questions.

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