Apollo to the Moon

July 1, 1976 – December 2, 2018

National Air and Space Museum
6th St. & Independence Ave., SW
Washington, DC

2nd Floor, East Wing, Apollo to the Moon, Gallery 210

See on Map Floor Plan

This gallery traces NASA's manned space program beginning with Project Mercury's Freedom 7 (5/5/61); then the Gemini Project (1965-66); followed by the Apollo Program (1967-1972), with Apollo 17 as the last manned exploration of the moon.

Highlights include:

  • Space flight time line, with photos of participating astronauts
  • Items and equipment used by astronauts during the Apollo Project
  • Space suits worn by Apollo astronauts on the moon
  • Information about the moon and selected lunar scenes showing Lunar Rover and astronauts at work
  • Saturn Booster—S-1C rocket propulsion system
  • Lunar Samples: 4 types of lunar soils and rocks
  • Apollo 16 telescope backup; the original, designed by George Carruthers, is on the moon
  • Touchable Moon Rock: a "gem" from the lunar surface, collected by Apollo astronauts

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