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Addressing complicated issues and global problems such as zoonotic diseases, climate change, and the rapid loss of natural resources resulting from human activities and population pressures requires work that spans disciplines and organizational boundaries. The Smithsonian’s potential to tackle complex challenges, as well as to innovate in design, technology, and other pursuits, is greatest when our museums, galleries, Zoo, research centers, education centers, and mission-support offices work together as One Smithsonian.

This section of the Dashboard highlights forward-thinking, interdisciplinary, and cross-Smithsonian activities that tackle pressing issues and chart new paths that the Smithsonian is particularly well suited to address due to its unique combination of science, history, art, and culture experts and global partnerships. Learn more at Torch, Smithsonian Global, Smithsonian Insider, and

The Smithsonian's historic Arts and Industries Building

FUTURES Exhibition in Arts and Industries Building

The Smithsonian’s historic Arts and Industries Building on the National Mall will open its doors to the public in November, 2021 for the first time in nearly two decades for FUTURES, a centerpiece of the Smithsonian’s 175th anniversary celebrations. This groundbreaking museum experience will offer visitors nearly 32,000 square feet of future-themed art installations, interactives, experiments, inventions, and designs, as well as objects and presentations from 23 Smithsonian museums, research centers, and initiatives. FUTURES will be free and open to the public through July 2022.

A downloadable poster from the Smithsonian's Vaccines and US website

Vaccines and US Initiative

The Smithsonian is leading a nationwide initiative, Vaccines & US: Cultural Organizations for Community Health, to help provide Americans with accessible, reliable information about vaccines. The initiative offers museums, libraries, and other trusted civic and cultural organizations a curated online hub of free resources to help members of their local communities make informed decisions about COVID-19 vaccination. These resources, drawn from 14 Smithsonian units and 10 collaborating organizations, include videos, infographics, posters, educational curricula, and other offerings vetted by an advisory group of medical professionals.

Stock photograph of shrimp soup. Source:

CULINASIA Explores the Future of Asian Food in America

Smithsonian Associates, in collaboration with the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center and National Museum of Asian Art, has created CULINASIA, a free series of Zoom-based virtual conversations. The four webcasts in May and June, 2021 bring together chefs, writers, entrepreneurs, home cooks, and others representing a wide range of the Asian diaspora to discuss the past, present, and future of Asian cuisine in American culture. The public may visit the Associates’ website to register.

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