Dashboard Introduction and Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Smithsonian Dashboard!

As a public trust, the Smithsonian is committed to using data and empirical evidence to assess its performance. The Dashboard presents metrics that tell the story of this performance across the major programs and functions of the Institution.

Metrics are organized under four major areas where the Smithsonian carries out its mission of "the increase and diffusion of knowledge":

  • Research: Smithsonian researchers contribute to the increase of knowledge in a broad range of science, art, history, and culture fields.

  • National Collections: Smithsonian collections preserve the national heritage of the United States, the natural heritage of the planet, and aspects of arts and culture from across the globe.

  • Public Engagement: The Smithsonian engages with the public onsite, online, across the nation, and around the world through compelling exhibitions, events, educational offerings, and media products.

  • Virtual Smithsonian: The Smithsonian seeks to bring its collections, exhibitions, research, educational resources, and other offerings to every home and classroom in the nation, and to audiences worldwide, through a variety of digital channels.

The Dashboard also covers two additional areas:

  • People and Operations: Metrics that detail the behind-the-scenes, mission-support aspects of the Smithsonian such as employees, volunteers, facilities, and finances.
  • One Smithsonian: Examples of activities, events, and initiatives that bring Smithsonian museums, research centers, and other units together to inform and engage the public, and to address big issues.

To learn more, see the Smithsonian Strategic Plan.

Navigating the Smithsonian Dashboard

Navigation aids

The navigation bar at the top of each section page will take you to any of the other five sections of the Dashboard, or back to the Dashboard home page.

Smaller navigation bars below the introductory text in each section will take you to the individual performance areas in that section. For example, in the National Collections section, you will find the following navigation bars for that section's four performance areas:

After you have begun to scroll down on any page, clicking on the “up” arrow located at the lower right side of the page will take you back to the top.


How can I get more information from the displays? 

In many cases, the Dashboard provides more information than initially appears on the screen.  

  • You can link to related Smithsonian websites by clicking on the light blue hyperlinks in the text.

Sample text showing regular font and hyperlinked font

  • Graphics that show overall Smithsonian figures may provide the option of filtering by Smithsonian unit or in other ways. Click the “down” arrow on the right in the field(s) below the graphic title to see drop-down selections.

Example showing dropdown for filtering options

  • In some performance areas, you can find additional maps, graphics, figures, or other information by clicking on the gray buttons below the main graphic.

Example of a button that opens a new window with a graph

  • If you see a “pointing hand” icon when you mouse over an object (number, text, or graphic), this indicates there is more information related to this object. To access this information, simply place your cursor over the object (or click on the object if you are using a mobile device) and it will appear in a text box.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Smithsonian Unit?

For administration purposes, the Smithsonian refers to individual museums, research centers, education centers, and offices as "units." A list of the units that are referenced in this Dashboard, with their acronyms, is provided below.

What is a Fiscal Year (FY)?

A Fiscal Year (FY) is the 12-month period that defines the U.S. government budget. It runs from October 1 through September 30 and shares the calendar-year number of its last nine months. For example, FY 2020 began on October 1, 2019 and ended on September 30, 2020. FY 2030 will run from October 1, 2029 through September 30, 2030. Most of the "headline numbers" in each Dashboard performance area refer to the most recent Fiscal Year for which data is available.

What is a Quarter (Q)?

A Quarter (Q) is a three-month period within the Fiscal Year. Thus, the four Quarters of the U.S. government budget are October through December (Q1), January through March (Q2), April through June (Q3), and July through September (Q4). Many of the figures presented in Dashboard graphics are updated quarterly. 

Other Questions?

Contact us at: dashboard@si.edu

Major Organizational Divisions

Acronym Full Name Short Name Reports To ...
SI Smithsonian Institution Smithsonian; "the Institution"  
BoR Board of Regents Regents  
OSEC Office of the Secretary Secretary Regents
OA Office of Advancement Advancement Secretary
OCEA Office of Communications and External Affairs (Chief Marketing Officer) Communications Secretary
ODS Office of the Deputy Secretary and Chief Operating Officer Deputy Secretary Secretary
OUSF&A Office of the Under Secretary for Finance and Administration Administration Deputy Secretary
OUSE Office of the Under Secretary for Education Education Deputy Secretary
OUSMC Office of the Under Secretary for Museums and Culture Museums and Culture Deputy Secretary
OUSSR Office of the Under Secretary for Science and Research Science and Research Deputy Secretary
SE Smithsonian Enterprises Enterprises Deputy Secretary


Other Units

Acronym Full Name Short Name Reports To ...
AAA Archives of American Art Archives American Art Museums and Culture
ACM Anacostia Community Museum Anacostia Museums and Culture
AIB Arts and Industries Building Arts and Industries Museums and Culture
AMSG Arthur M. Sackler Gallery Sackler Museums and Culture
APAC Asian Pacific American Center Asian Pacific American Center Museums and Culture
AS Access Smithsonian Access SI Administration
CFCH Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage Folklife Museums and Culture
CHSDM Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum Cooper Hewitt Museums and Culture
DWRC Donald W. Reynolds Center for American Art and Portraiture Reynolds Center  
FGS Freer Gallery of Art Freer Museums and Culture
HMSG Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden Hirshhorn Museums and Culture
MCI Museum Conservation Institute Museum Conservation Science and Research
NASM National Air and Space Museum Air and Space Museums and Culture
NASM-Mall National Mall Museum (NASM) Air and Space-Mall Museums and Culture
NASM-UHC Udvar-Hazy Center (NASM) Air and Space-Hazy Museums and Culture
NCP National Collections Program Collections Program Museums and Culture
NMAA National Museum of Asian Art Asian Art Museums and Culture
NMAAHC National Museum of African American History and Culture African American Museums and Culture
NMAfA National Museum of African Art African Art Museums and Culture
NMAH National Museum of American History American History Museums and Culture
NMAI National Museum of American Indian American Indian Museums and Culture
NMAI-DC National Mall Museum (NMAI) American Indian-DC Museums and Culture
NMAI-NY George Gustav Heye Center (NMAI) American Indian-NY Museums and Culture
NMAI-CRC Cultural Resources Center (NMAI) American Indian-CRC Museums and Culture
NMAL National Museum of the American Latino American Latino Museums and Culture
NMNH National Museum of Natural History Natural History Science and Research
NPG National Portrait Gallery Portrait Gallery Museums and Culture
NPM National Postal Museum Postal Museums and Culture
NZCBI National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute National Zoo Science and Research
OAAI Office of Academic Appointments and Interns Academic Appointments Education
OCIO Office of the Chief Information Officer Information Technology Administration
OCon&PPM Office of Contracting and Personal Property Management Contracts and Property Administration
ODT Office of Digital Transformation Digital Transformation Deputy Secretary
OEESD Office of Equal Employment and Supplier Diversity Equal Employment Secretary
OET Office of Educational Technology Educational Technology Education
OF&A Office of Finance and Accounting Finance and Accounting Administration
OFMR Office of Facilities Management and Reliability Facilities Management Administration
OGA Office of Global Affairs Global Affairs Science and Research
OGC Office of the General Counsel General Counsel Secretary; Regents
OGR Office of Government Relations Government Relations Communications
OHR Office of Human Resources Office of Human Resources Administration
OI Office of Investments Investments Administration
OIG Office of the Inspector General Inspector General Regents
OPA Office of Public Affairs Public Affairs Communications
OPMB Office of Planning, Management, and Budget Budget Administration
OREG Office of the Regents Regents Office Regents
OSEP Office of Special Events and Protocol Special Events Communications
OSP Office of Sponsored Projects Sponsored Projects Administration
OVS Office of Visitor Services Visitor Services Communications
RC S. Dillon Ripley Center Ripley Center  
RG Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum Renwick Gallery Museums and Culture
SA Smithsonian Affiliations Affiliations Education
SAAM Smithsonian American Art Museum American Art Museums and Culture
SAO Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Astrophysical Observatory Science and Research
SAWHM Smithsonian American Women's History Museum Women's History Museums and Culture
SEEC Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center Early Enrichment Center  
SERC Smithsonian Environmental Research Center Environmental Research Science and Research
SF Smithsonian Facilities Facilities Administration
SG Smithsonian Gardens Gardens Administration
SIB Smithsonian Institution Building ("The Castle") Castle  
SIE Smithsonian Exhibits Exhibits Museums and Culture
SISP Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press Scholarly Press Science and Research
SITES Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service Traveling Exhibitions Education
SLA Smithsonian Libraries and Archives Libraries and Archives Science and Research
SLA-Archives Smithsonian Institution Archives Archives Science and Research
SLA-Libraries Smithsonian Libraries Libraries Science and Research
SOPS Smithsonian Office of Protection Services Protection Services Administration
SSEC Smithsonian Science Education Center Science Education Education
STRI Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute Tropical Research Science and Research
SWC Smithsonian Women's Committee Women's Committee  
TSA Smithsonian Associates Associates Education




ODT Smithsonian Organization and Audience Research/OCIO