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Interior photos of the Holt House Cellar

jpg of cellar wall of Holt House Cellar wall of Holt House along the narrow passage where claims have been made that chains were once attached by nails to the brick wall. A close examination of the nails however, reveals that they are wire nails, first manufactured in 1890, long after slavery had been abolished.
link to jpg view of Holt House View from the Holt House cellar looking upwards toward the outside entrance with stairs leading down. During pre-Zoo ownership, this was the only way to access the cellar.
link to jpg Holt House View from cellar looking upwards to outside entrance. Note that there are two narrow, wooden boards suspended in the stairwell. Claims have been made that these boards may have been slave bunks. Their precarious location however makes that use unlikely. Instead, they perhaps served as storage shelves since they are within arm's reach of the cellar entrance.
link to jpg of cellar entrance Cellar entrance from inside Holt House. This staircase, built by the Zoo, was added when a boiler was installed in the cellar.

All digital photographs by Mignon Erixon-Stanford.

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