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Historic photos of the Holt House Property

Henry Holt ran a small farming operation. The Industrial Census of 1850 noted that he was operating the farm without the help of other hands. The following census information was found in the National Archives, Microfiche Room, Drawer M98-05, Roll 1793.

Cash value of the farm $6,000
Value of farming implements and machinery $50
Horses 2
Milk Cows 4
Swines 2
Value of livestock $200
bushels of Indian Corn 150
bushels of Irish Potatoes 200
Lbs. of butter 156
tons of Hay 3

ling to jpg of Dr. Henry Holt
Neg. 5369 Dr. Henry Holt sitting by south entrance to Holt House. Summer 1889. Note ivy growing in through the windows and the general neglect of the building.
link to jpg of Holt House
Neg. 5373 Approach to Holt House from Adams Mill Road. Summer 1889. Note the creamery visible in the lower left corner.
jpg of Dr. Henry Holt south entrance
Close up of Neg. 5373
ling to jpg view of Holt House grounds in 1889
Neg. Z-14 View of Holt House grounds in 1889 with southwest corner of building visible. Note on lower right, a small creamery where Dr. Holt stored milk and produced butter.
link to 1889 view of farm yard
Neg. 5370 An 1889 view of the farm yard at Holt House, showing Dr. Holt speaking with a Zoo official. Note the dilapidated shed extension to the house on the left and a small cow barn and fenced area behind.
link to jpg of close up
Close up of Neg. 5370
jpg of small balconies
Neg. 5371 An 1889 close-up view of the small balconies, added by Dr. Holt and removed by the Zoo, on the south fa├žade of Holt House. The windows were covered with wooden louvers and the structure was overgrown with vines.
jpg of wooden stairs
Neg. 5372 These wooden stairs led up to the second-story, north entrance to Holt House in 1889. They were not original to the structure (their massive, boxed-in scale is of a later period) and the Zoo removed them because of their poor condition.
jpg of door leading to cellar
Enlargement of Neg. 5372 showing the door leading to the cellar.
link to jpg of Dr. Henry Hold in his pigpen
Neg. 5375 Dr. Henry Holt held pigs in this pigpen in 1889. Holt House is visible in back.
link to Dr. Holt jpg
Neg. 5374 Dr. Holt used this structure to store grain and hay. The attached shed protected horses from the elements.
link to jpg of view of pigpen
Neg. 5376 View of the pigpen and storage barn with attached shed and fenced barnyard at Holt House in 1889. Note this view is from the opposite end of Negative 5374.
enlargement of jpg
Enlargement of Neg. 5376
link to Holt House from main Zoo area
Close up of Neg. 14330 showing Holt House from the main Zoo area in 1889.
jpg of view of Rock Creek
Neg. 5382 View of Rock Creek near the former Columbia (Adams) Mills in 1889.
jpg of Dr. Holt's orchard
Neg. 5378 View of Dr. Holt's orchard, near Holt House in 1889.

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