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Marks of the Bradley & Hubbard Manufacturing Company

Below are several of the documented marks used by Bradley and Hubbard to identify their products. Many of these marks were in use throughout the company's 88 year existence rendering attempts at dating Bradley and Hubbard products based solely on the mark unreliable. Two mysteries regarding the marks persist. First, it is unclear why so many different marks were used by the company concurrently. Second, although their official letterhead referred to the lantern as their trademark and a ca. 1904 catalogue labeled the triangle and lantern mark as such, searches of United States Patent and Trademark Office records have yet to locate any applications by the company for trademark protection.

The triangle and lantern mark.

The most commonly found Bradley and Hubbard mark is the triangle and lantern design. It was devised sometime after the 1875 reorganization when the company was renamed The Bradley and Hubbard Manufacturing Company, possibly as late as ca.1902. This mark appears on a wide variety of objects and was in use up to the time the company was sold.

Link to jpg of Triangle/Lantern brass label, stamped, ca. 1875 - 1940

Triangle/Lantern brass label, stamped, ca. 1875 - 1940.

This version of the triangle/lantern mark is found stamped into brass cigar and cigarette boxes, desk sets, ash trays, lamps, vases, tobacco jars, and candle sticks dating from ca.1920-1940.

Triangle/Lantern label, paperca. 1900.

Dating to the turn of the twentieth century, this paper label was attached to the felt pads on the bottoms of bookends, lamps, candle sticks, ink wells, and sculptures.

Triangle/Lantern, paper,ca. 1934-1940.

This paper label (top) differs from the previous example with the addition of several design elements: first, the line Meriden Conn. along the bottom edge; second, the black background; third, the  metallic gold letters and borders; and finally the more elegant and articulated lantern design. The redesigned mark appears in the 1934 Bradley and Hubbard catalogue Distinctive Metalware for Home and Office (bottom)

Triangle/Lantern label cast in brass, ca. 1875 - 1940.

On heavier pieces of brass and iron work, the mark was cast directly into the piece. This version of the triangle/lantern mark is found on brass ink wells, candle sticks, and lamp bases.

Triangle/Lantern label cast in iron, ca. 1875 - 1940.

This version of the triangle/lantern mark is found on fire place tools, andirons, ink wells, match safes, weighted bases for candle sticks, and lamps bases.

B&H Marks.

This mark is found on cast iron match safes, lamp bases, andirons, letter holders, and inkwells.

This mark, consisting of raised san serif letters, is found on cast iron match safes, lamp bases, andirons and fire tools.

The basic elements of this mark are the letters "B&H" with printer's flowers above and below. Several variations of this mark have been found: some have raised circles with recessed lettering as in this example, in others the circle is recessed and the letters raised, and in still others, the raised letters are encircled by a raised ring. This mark is found on bookends, vases, candle sticks, andirons, and fireplace tools.

In this mark, plain san serif raised letters are set within two concentric raised rings. This mark was found on a cast iron bracket inside of an electric ceiling light fixture of ca. 1920 - 1930 vintage.

Oval mark, ca. 1880.

In this mark, raised san serif letters are surrounded by a single raised oval ring. Found on cast iron match safes, andirons, and fireplace tools.

Marks on Bradley and Hubbard Lamps

This mark is found on oil font filler caps of Bradley and Hubbard's kerosene burning lamps produced during the 1880's and well into the twentieth century.

This mark is found on the wick raising knob of lamps equipped with the B&H duplex burner.

The B&H (left and right) refers to the patented central draft Bradley and Hubbard kerosene burners. These marks are usually found stamped or embossed into the body of the oil font.

This simple san serif text mark is usually found stamped into the metal frame of slag glass lamp shades.

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