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March 2014

Smithsonian March 2014


Journey into the Kingdom of the Spirits

Michael Rockefellers fate has been a mystery for more than 50 years.

By Carl Hoffmann

Revenge of the Vikings

After decades of scholarship that emphasized their kinder, gentler side, the bad boys of the North are back with a vengeance.

By Franz Lidz


What is the most addictive quiz show in the history of television?

By Ken Jennings

Flight Club

This month hundreds of thousands of sandhill cranes will converge in North America greatest wildlife spectacle.

By Alex Shoumatoff

Star Power

His blockbuster show Cosmos is back. And his weird brilliance shines in a new Library of Congress archive of his papers. Yet Carl Sagan, who did more than anyone to make us dream of extraterrestrial civilizations, would be disappointed to know that we still have not found life out there.

By Joel Achenbach


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This month our theme is language. Language helps us express our deepest thoughts, or obscure them.

Kasparovs Gambit

The great chess champion plots his next moves in the games of global politics and computer intelligence.

By Ron Rosenbaum

Reindeer Games

Ecologists are racing across the ice to find out how climate change will affect Arctic ungulates

By Helen Fields

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