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Pre-visit Stories

Pre-visit Stories are designed to help prepare your child for situations he/she may encounter at the Smithsonian Institution Museums. There are Pre-visit Stories that address what to expect, museum rules and routines, safety information, and more.

Younger Visitors

Going Into a Museum
Waiting in line can be stressful. This story outlines the steps to follow when entering a museum. It can be used to alleviate the anxiety of waiting in line and going through the required security procedures.

5 Big Place Rules
Five easy rules designed to keep your child safe during a visit to the museum.

Visiting a Museum with my Adult
Reinforces and reassures the child that he is safe in the care of his companion during the museum visit.

Museum Stories for Young Children

Older Visitors

Waiting at the Museum
Specifies the areas and explains the circumstances in which a child may have to wait during his or her visit.

Understanding My Adult in a Big Place
A reassuring and encouraging explanation of the importance of your parent or escort.

Keeping People In the Right Place
Describes the different types of barriers which surround displays and explains their purpose.

Museum Noise
Describes a variety of sounds one can hear at a museum and explains where they come from. This provides a contextual frame of reference which can help to improve comprehension of the noise environment and reduce the child's level of anxiety.

Learning about Museum Lockers
A detailed explanation of using a "safe box" for storage and why they may not always be available.

The Stories in a Museum
This story reveals the diverse and exciting assortment of narratives to be found as reflected by the displays and exhibits.

Museum Security Rules and Routines
Illustrates the sequence of events required to complete a Security Check.

How to Share Museum Time With My Family/Class/Group
Conveys the importance of staying with the group and waiting at each display to enable individual group members to fully appreciate the exhibit.

Good For All Ages

Visiting Museums