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March 2014

March 2014


Astronauts Waiting for a Ride

Now that the space shuttle's gone, what do astronauts do?

By Michael Cassutt

The Outrageous Adolescence of the F-16

Small, fast, and in your face.

By Eileen Bjorkman

Prize Photos

Presenting the First Air & Space Photo Contest Winners

By The Editors


Checklist for war

By James R. Chiles

News from the Dawn of Time

Will a new picture of the universe’s first light overturn a theory that has reigned for 30 years?

By Michael Milstein

Letters From a JN-4 Pilot

"Give me a Lewis gun in the cockpit of a fast fighter plane, and I know that I’d be satisfied with life."

By William Crawford Woods

Destination Earth

If aliens were sending a probe to study this planet, where would you tell it to land?

By Heather Goss

And We Could Not Fail

How NASA became part of the nation's the civil rights revolution

By Richard Paul


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