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Smithsonian Training

Consultation for Use of Program Design Logic Models

OP&A is offering a one-hour free consultation on the use of logic models in program design every Tuesday morning at 10:00am on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact Whitney Watriss to schedule a session.

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Office of Policy and Analysis: SI-Wide

This section contains documents on the following issues: Interests, expectations, experiences, and demographics of visitors to the Smithsonian generally; visitor responses to Smithsonian-wide services; Smithsonian-wide visitor surveys.

Institution Wide


How Do You Improve the Experience of Museum Visitors? An Experiment at the National Museum of Natural History, January 2013


A Study of Visitors to the Smithsonian Institution Castle, April 2012 | Abstract


Preferences and Expectations for Information and Electronic Services by Smithsonian Visitors, August 2010

Smart Phone Services for Smithsonian Visitors, July 2010


Museum Visitation as a Leisure Time Choice: A Background Report to the Smithsonian Board of Regents, October 2007

2030 Vision: Anticipating the Needs and Expectations of Museum Visitors of the Future, July 2007

Visits to the Smithsonian: 1996 to 2006, May 2007

Enhancing the Visits of Middle-School Tour Groups to the Smithsonian, Smithsonian Center for Education and Museum Studies, January 2007


Changing Faces: Museum Visitorship and Demographic Change, August 2006

Eaters of the Smithsonian Sun: Characteristics of Visitors to Smithsonian Museums, March 2006


Results of the 2004 Smithsonian-wide Survey of Visitors, October 2004

Increasing and Diversifying Smithsonian Audiences: An Overview of the October 2004 Meeting of the Smithsonian Institution Council, December 2004


Exhibitions and Their Audiences: Actual and Potential, September 2002

Exhibition Concept Models, July 2002

Visitor Opinions about Security Measures in Smithsonian Museums, April 2002

Capability Profile of Exhibit Departments, March 2002


Barriers to Engagement at the Smithsonian International Art Museums, October 2001


The Charter Membership of the National Museum of the American Indian: Results from the 1999 Membership Survey, November 1999 | Abstract

Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum: Results from the 1999 Membership Study, June 1999 | Abstract

Strangers, Guests or Clients? Visitor Experiences in Museums, March 1999

1998 Visits to Smithsonian Museums based on Office of Protection Services Multi-Year Count Statistics, February 1999

Resident Associate Program Members: Results from the 1998 Resident Associate Program Membership Survey, January 1999 | Abstract


Visitors to the Smithsonian Institution: A Summary of Studies, April 1997


Who Attends Our Cultural Institutions?: A Progress Report Based on the Smithsonian Institution Marketing Study, May 1995

For more information regarding the studies and reports on this site, contact the Office of Policy and Analysis.