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Smithsonian Training

Consultation for Use of Program Design Logic Models

OP&A is offering a one-hour free consultation on the use of logic models in program design every Tuesday morning at 10:00am on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact Whitney Watriss to schedule a session.

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Office of Policy and Analysis: Partnerships Online

Carried out by the Smithsonian’s Office of Policy & Analysis, in conjunction with the Smithsonian's Asian Cultural History Program and the Office of the Chief Information Officer, the International Programs & Partnerships works with institutions around the world to advance knowledge through conferences, seminars, lecture, collaborative research, training and online publications.

Museum Capacity Building - Partnerships Online

OP&A's international museum capacity building efforts have led to several cooperative projects with overseas museums, resulting in jointly produced online publications, exhibitions, and databases, including the following examples carried out with partner museums in Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Kazakhstan.

Ancient Heritage in the AGT Pipelines Corridor

AGT Screenshot The Smithsonian’s informal consortium of OP&A, ACHP, OCIO and others, with support from BP, continues its international collaboration with scholars and partners who are studying this widely divergent climatic, geological and biogeographical area populated by numerous ethnic groups. Partners in the ACHP Consortium for this project include the Smithsonian’s Office of Policy and Analysis, and the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO). Our counterparts in the AGT region (Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey) include the Gobustan National Historical Artistic Preserve, the Azerbaijan Institute of Archeology and Ethnography and the Georgian National Museum. In conjunction with this project's museum capacity building component, OP&A hosts other virtual exhibitions jointly developed with museums of Georgia and Azerbaijan.

Gobustan National Park and Preserve

Gobustan Screenshot The Office of Policy and Analysis developed a website on the magnificent rock carving art of Gobustan. The website features a major collection of drawings from the Upper Paleolithic (Mesolithic, Neolithic, Eneolithic), Bronze, and Dark Ages. The carvings include images of anthropomorthic and zoomorphic images, composite scenes, images of means of transportation and signs and symbols. The website also discusses the tools utilized, the techniques of execution of rock art work, and the flora and fauna displayed. This site was developed in conjunction with the site museum at the Gobustan Historic and Natural Preserve (Baku, Azerbaijan), as part of OP&A’s international museum capacity building efforts.

Discover Kazakhstan: The Expeditions of Chokan Valikhanov

Valikhanov Screenshot The Office of Policy and Analysis, working in conjunction with the Smithsonian’s Asian Cultural History Program (ACHP) and the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO), launched this online exhibition, a multiyear project that presents the scientific expeditions and contributions of the great Kazakh geographer and ethnographer, Chokan Valikhanov (1835-1865). Beginning in 2010, the 175th anniversary year of Valikhanov’s birth, this online space will offer archival and published documents and materials, to be augmented over a two-year period.

This OP&A exhibition has grown out of the longstanding partnership between the Smithsonian and the State Museums of Kazakhstan, another area of OOP&A’s international capacity building efforts carried out with other units of the Smithsonian.

Chavchavadze Family

Chavchavadze Screenshot In conjunction with other international museum capacity building efforts, the Smithsonian and the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia created a site about the Chavchavadze family, a remarkable family that represents the highest aspirations of Georgians and made extraordinary contributions to the nation’s creativity, freedom, and vitality. This family’s history forms the subject matter of the Tsinandali (Georgia) site museum. This website is intended to raise questions about Georgia and its relationships to the West and about ideals of justice, morality, culture, and citizenship. Although it only explores selected aspects of the great Chavchavadze family, it is designed to encourage others to discover more about the Chavchavadzes and other extraordinary Georgians. The site provides a range of teaching activities and has been utilized by school teachers, thus meeting the needs of communities throughout Georgia.

Dadiani Dynasty

Dadiani Screenshot This website introduces readers to the Dadiani family and to Samegrelo, from ancient times to the present. This family’s place within the region's history forms the subject matter of the Dadiani Palace Museum in Zugdidi, Republic of Georgia. Like its companion site on the Chavchavadze family of eastern Georgia, this site contains texts, photographs, and maps that strive to capture the spirit of an extraordinary family and its times. It is aimed at scholars, students, and members of the general public who want to learn about Samegrelo’s historical journey. It affords a chance to bridge and make connections between Samegrelo and other regions of Georgia.