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Recovery Act Oversight


The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Recovery Act) of 2009 provided the Smithsonian Institution $25 million in facilities capital for repairs and revitalization of existing facilities. The Smithsonian has unique facilities, many historic, that support research, education, public programs, and exhibitions for millions of visitors. Repairs are necessary to advance the Smithsonian's mission and to maintain the condition of its facilities and infrastructure. Revitalization involves making major repairs or replacing declining or failed infrastructure to address the causes of additional deterioration. The purpose of these projects was to improve the overall condition of certain Smithsonian buildings and systems and to enable the Smithsonian to reduce the risk of failures that might lead to hazardous conditions for visitors and staff, harm animals, or damage collections.

The Recovery Act provided no funding for the Smithsonian Institution’s Office of the Inspector General to conduct oversight and review procedures. Using existing staff, the OIG assessed whether the Institution was using the $25 million of Recovery Act funds in accordance with the requirements set forth in the Recovery Act and whether it met the accountability objectives as defined by the Office of Management and Budget.  The Smithsonian Institution has expended all of the funds provided by the Recovery Act. Therefore, the OIG is no longer engaged in any Recovery Act-related oversight projects.

Download the OIG oversight plan

Recovery Act Audits and Reviews

Oversight Findings on Timeliness and Transparency of the Smithsonian's Use of Recovery Act Funds, Issued September 1, 2009
    Management Response

Management Advisory on Reporting Recovery Act Jobs Data, Issued February 22, 2010

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