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Working at the Smithsonian

Contracting and Procurement
  • The Office of Contracting provides high quality and efficient preparation, solicitation, negotiation, award, and administration of contracts for the goods and services needed to operate the Institution. It contracts for multi-million dollar construction and renovation projects, architect-engineering services, design and fabrication of museum exhibits, information technology, office equipment and bamboo supplies for the pandas. The unique operations and requirements of the Smithsonian make these positions especially challenging and rewarding.
  • The staff that performs these duties includes both contract specialists and attorneys. In addition, the attorneys solicit, negotiate and award various business contracts involving intellectual property, including loan exhibition, publication, product development and licensing, music & image licensing, and film agreements for the Institution. Contract Specialists have business degrees and progress in salary and responsibility as they gain knowledge and experience with the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR). Attorneys have passed the Bar and have experience with Uniform Commercial Code contracts.

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