Small Business Goals and Accomplishments

Supplier Diversity Program

To ensure a diverse supplier base, the Smithsonian follows the spirit and intent of the Small Business Act. Through legislation, the Small Business Administration has set goals for federal agencies to support the economy by mandating that agencies establish goals to achieve

The Smithsonian has established a 23% small business goal for each unit and SI-wide. This means that 23% of each unit’s spend should be directed to small businesses and historically underutilized small businesses.

These are current Smithsonian’s SDP program goals that are subject to change according to annual budget and procurement projections.

-23% goal Small Businesses
-5% Small Disadvantaged Small Businesses (which includes minority businesses)
-3% 8(a) certified firms
-5% Women-owned small businesses
-3% HUB-Zone Small businesses
-3% Service Disabled Owned Small Businesses

Table with Smithsonian FY24 Prime Contract Goal Percentages

In short, using small businesses makes good business sense for the Smithsonian and for the business community. 

To view the chart of accomplishments for Small Business participation in dollars and percent for the past five years go to FY 2019 - FY 2023 Small Business Accomplishments - Dollars and Percent.

Smithsonian Small Business accomplishments can also be viewed on the Institutions public metrics dashboard that can be found by clicking here.