Marion F. Mecklenburg

Senior Research Scientist


Museum Conservation Institute
Smithsonian Institution
4210 Silver Hill Road
Suitland, MD 20746


B.S.C.E University of Maryland (1970)
M.S. University of Maryland (1972)
Ph.D. University of Maryland (1984)

Research Specialties and Interests

  • Mechanical properties of solid materials and the effects of environmental factors such as temperature and moisture
  • Computer modeling of structures under static and dynamic loadings

Courses Taught

Cleaning 2010: New insights into the cleaning of paintings, May 26-28, 2010 at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (Spain)

Recent Publications

Silva, M.F., Domenech-Carbo, M., Fuster-Lopez, L., Martin-Rey, S. and Mecklenburg, M.F. 2009. Determination of the plasticizer content in poly(vinyl acetate) paint medium by pyrolysis–silylation–gas chromatography–mass spectrometry. Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, 85: 487-491.

Fuster Lopez, L., Mecklenburg, M.F., Castell, M. and Guerola, V. 2008. Filling materials for canvas paintings: when the ground reintegration becomes a structural concern. In: Preprints of the Paintings Group Interim Meeting, ICOM-CC. pp.180-186.

Mecklenburg, M.F. and Fuster Lopez, L.. 2008. "Estudio de las Propiedades Mecanicas y Dimensionales de los Materiales Pictoricos : Study of the Mechanical and Dimensional Properties of Painting Materials". Suitland, MD : Valencia, Spain: MCI : Universidad Politecnica de Valencia,

Erhardt, D., Tumosa, C.S. and Mecklenburg, M.F. 2007. Applying science to the question of museum climate. In: Conference on Micro Climates in Museum, Copenhagen, November 19-23, 2007. pp.11-18.

Lopez, L.F., Mecklenburg, M.F., Yusa, M., Dolores, J., Palomino, V., Dos Santos, S. and Batista, A.F. 2007. Effects of Mordants on the Mechanical Behaviour of Dyed Silk Fabrics: Preliminary Tests on Cochineal Dyestuffs. Arche: Publicacion del Instituto Universitario de Restauracion del Patrimonio de la UPV, 2: 115-120.

Mecklenburg, M.F.. 2007. "Determining the Acceptable Ranges of Relative Humidity and Temperature in Museums and Galleries, Part 2, Structural Response to Temperature". ed., 1-29. (

Mecklenburg, M.F.. 2007. "Determining the Acceptable Ranges of Relative Humidity and Temperature in Museums and Galleries, Part 1, Structural Response to Relative Humidity". ed., 1-57. (

Mecklenburg, M.F. 2007. Micro Climates and Moisture Induced Damage to Paintings. In: Conference on Micro Climates in Museums, Copenhagen, November 19-23, 2007. pp.19-25.

Mecklenburg, M.F. 2007. Meccanismi di cedimento nei dipinti su tela: approcci per lo sviluppo di protocolli di consolidamento=Failure Mechanisms in Canvas Supported Paintings: Approaches for Developing Consolidation Protocol. Padova: il prato. 144 pages.