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Smithsonian Institution

Conservation & Technical Studies

Conservation Research

Mongolian Projects

Deer Stones
Khanuy Valley

Native Technology

Analysis and Treatment of Important Yup'ik Ceremonial Masks
Conserving a Room with a View
Gamekeepers of the Arctic: The Conservation of Two Tunghak Masks from the Nelson Collection
A Previously Unrecognized Maya Craft Technology Comes to Light
Textile-Clay Laminates: A Special-Use Material in Ancient Mesoamerica
A Textile-Clay Composite From the Ancient Maya World: A Previously Unreported Artifact Material
Un Compuesto de Tela y Barro del Antiguo Mundo Maya: un material para artefactos que no ha sido documentado previamente

Natural History Collections

Arsenic in Collections
The Stability of Natural History Specimens in Fluid-Preserved Collections
La estabilidad de especimenes de historia natural en colecciones preservadas en fluidos

Paper and Papier Mache

Preservation and Digitization: The O.C. Marsh Dinosaur Illustrations as an Object Lesson

Sculpture Projects

Cemetery Monuments Made from Zinc
Saving Firemen Made from Zinc
Zinc Sculpture Project

Spanish Colonial Missions

Combining Tradition with Transition
Imagineria de las California
Imagineria de las Californias Booklet
Preserving a Spanish Colonial Jewel

Technical Studies

3D Imaging Projects

Deer Stone Project, Hovsgol Aimag

GC-MS Projects

Analysis of Archaeological Food Residues in Artifacts from the Arctic

ICP-MS Projects

Inductively Coupled Plasma - Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) With or Without Laser Ablation (LA): For a Better Understanding of Museum Collections

Other Projects

Drying of Oils and Oil Paint
Gently Vacuumed – A term widely used, but rarely measured!

Portable XRF Projects

New Handheld X-ray Fluorescence Technology Used to Support Theory for Coin Fabrication


Collections Environment

Museums Benefit from More Relaxed Environment
Preserving Legacy Buildings
Resolving the Conflict between Building Preservation and the Proper Temperature and Relative Humidity Requirements of Collections


Disaster Resources
September 11, 2001
The Effects of Peroxide Decontamination Reagents on the Chemical and Physical Properties of Cultural Materials
The effects on research specimens and museum collection items from electron beam irradiation of mail by the US Postal Service
Recent Examination of Some Irradiated Mail
World Trade Center Dust: Its Potential to Interact with Artifacts & Works of Art


US Patent 6,156,108: Emulsion-containing surface polishes
US Patent 6,258,882: Wax-resin surface polishes

Saving Stuff Book


Artificial Anatomy: Papier-Mâché Anatomical Models (scientific analysis - see credits page)
Ethopian Icons: Faith and Science (technical analysis - see acknowledgements page)
Higgins, The House Painter: A Smithsonian Institution Libraries Digital Edition
Preserving Ancient Statues from Jordan
Santos: Substance & Soul
SCMRE Restores Outrigger Canoe for "Hawaiian Treasures" Exhibit

Past Projects

'Ain Ghazal Statues

Preserving Ancient Statues from Jordan
‘Ain Ghazal Excavation Reports

Alameda Theater

Conservation of Murals in a New Smithsonian Affliliate Museum: Reviving Former Cutting-Edge Fluorescent Paint and Black Light Technology
Glowing Murals get a Facelift
Glowing Murals get a Facelift


Iron Wire of the Wheeling Suspension Bridge
Lead Isotopes
Linking the Past
Nigerian Bronzes

Modern Materials

Rubber Deterioration
MCI Investigation Reveals Pioneering Feature of US First Guided Missle
SCMRE Investigation Reveals Pioneering Feature of US First Guided Missle
Without Comparative Studies of Inks, What do we know about the Vinland Map?

Natural History Collections

Fluid Stored Specimens
Molecules on the Edge
Shipwreck: The Contents of Apothecary Jars Found in the Belle
Substituting Imitations for the Real Thing
Tracing Trade: Old World Obsidian Studies


A Collector's Vision of Puerto Rico : Puerto Rico - La Visión de un Coleccionista
Getting to the Heart and Soul of Objects of Reverence: Woods used in Santos: Their meaning and value in interpretation
Santos: Substance & Soul Exhibit
Santos Suggested Reading Lists
The Albuquerque Museum
You be the Conservator: Looking at Objects - Inside and Out - Educational Activity for children and teachers alike
Exhibitions Opening at the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery for NHCC Family Day and Santos Workshop
Workshop: Materials Used in the Making of Santos – August 5-7, 2001
Family Day: Preservando los Santos – August 4, 2001
Santos Exhibit at NHCCNM Photo Gallery
Meet the Santeros Program January 6, 2001
Meet the Santeros Photo Gallery
Santos: Substance & Soul exhibit to open at SI A&I September, 2000
Santos Photo Gallery
A Closer Look at Santos
Una Mirada más Profunda a los Santos
A Closer Look: Santos from Puerto Rico
Our Story: Santos of Puerto Rico

Wood and Fibers

Getting to the Heart and Soul of Objects of Reverence. Woods used in Santos: Their meaning and value in interpretation
Newsprint permanence and degradation: newsprint over the last 100 years
Scientific Limits of Microscopic Wood Analysis of Objects d’Art
Using Historical Textiles to Create Biodegradable Fibers

Learn More

Taking Care


Artifact Appraisals
Art Conservation Organizations
Art Conservation Product Suppliers
Art Conservation Training
Dating of Artifacts
Disaster Resources
Time Capsules

Furniture & Wooden Objects

Biological Deterioration & Damage to Furniture & Wooden Objects
Fundamental Construction Techniques for Furniture & Wooden Objects
Furniture Care and Handling
Furniture Conservation Training Program Master Reading List
Guidelines for Taking Wood Samples from Objects of Antiquity
Moving, Packing, and Shipping Furniture
Preserving and Restoring Furniture Coatings


Care and Handling of Ivory Objects
Caring for Antique Armaments
Caring for Antique Communication Devices: Phonographs, Radios, Telephones, etc.
Caring for Clocks and Watches
Caring for Dolls and Toys
Caring for Musical Boxes
Caring for Musical Instruments
Caring for Old Houses


Caring for Your Paintings (Español)
Caring for Acrylic Paintings (Español)
What Makes the Painting Image Change? (Español)
Does My Painting Need to be Cleaned? (Español)
What Does It Mean to Have a Painting Restored & How do I Pick a Conservator?
Painting Conservation Glossary of Terms
What is a Painting?
Painting Varnishes
Pigments: Historical, Chemical, and Artistic Importance of Coloring Agents

Paper-Based Materials

Analysis of paper artifacts and documents
Analytical tests graphic
Caring for Audio-Visual and Photographic Materials
Caring for Chinese Wood Block Prints
Caring for Folding Screens
Caring for Globes
Caring for Paper Artifacts (Español)
Caring for Papier Mache
Caring for Video Tapes
Chemistry of Paper 
Collections Maintenance for Paper Materials: Housing descriptions
Conservation of Coated and Specialty Papers
Conservation of Tracing Papers
Deterioration and Damage Sources of Paper Materials
Disaster Preparedness, Management, and Response: Paper-Based Materials (A Primer)  (Español) (graphic)
Exhibition Installation and Dismantling Precautions for Paper-Based Materials
Framing and Unframing Paper Materials
Handling Paper Artifacts
Housing and Environment Options for Paper Documents on Display
Housing and Environment Options for Paper Documents in Storage
Integrated Pest Management
Paper Properties and Degradation
Preservation Prioritization
Preservation Processing Steps for Paper-Based Collections (graphic)
Preservation Responsibilities for Paper-Based Collections (graphic)
Putting Together a Time Capsule


Bugs, Insects and Pests (IPM)

An IPM Checklist for Planning & implementing Pest Control on Art & Artifact Collections
(AIC Newsletter, May 1997)
Integrated Pest Management Checklist (Paper/Archives Lab)


Acid Free Tissue Paper for Textiles and Costume
Gently Vacuumed - A term widely used, but rarely measured!
Geography and Textile Storage
How Much Will It Cost?  Textile Repair
Insects and Wool Textiles
Mold and Mildew
Photography of a Textile for Insurance, Appraisal, or Conservation
Stain Removal from Textiles
Tips on How to Handle Antique Textiles and Costumes

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Professional Development

Fellowships & Internships

Archaeological Conservation
Short Term Independent Research Programs

Past Courses

Symposium of Collections Environments
2000 ANAGPIC26
1999 SPNHC99
Furniture Conservation Training Program (FCTP)
Research, Libraries, Archives Collections Conservation Task Force (RELACT)
Science Teaching Art Teaching Science (STATS)

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