World War II Photographic Perspectives

May 27, 2004 – May 30, 2005

National Museum of American History
14th Street and Constitution Avenue, NW
Washington, DC

3rd Floor, West Wing, Documentary Photo Gallery Floor Plan

To commemorate the opening of the World War II Memorial on the National Mall, a selection of photographs taken between 1941 and 1945 are on view to document Americans both at war and at home. Included are images and stories of individual photographers, both professional and amateur; family photos from the home front; an exploration of technical advances in photography, with an assortment of cameras used in the field; and an analysis of wartime photography in the news media and magazines, with original editions of LIFE magazine. Professional photographers represented include Robert Capa, Margaret Bourke-White, the Scurlock Studio, and U.S. Navy photographer John Wesley Stipe.