Within the Emperor's Garden, The Ten Thousand Springs Pavilion

April 18, 2007 – June 3, 2007

S. Dillon Ripley Center
1100 Jefferson Drive, SW
Washington, DC

Concourse, Sublevel 3

The Ten Thousand Springs Pavilion (Wan Chun Ting), a celebrated example of classic Chinese architecture, still stands in the Forbidden City in Beijing, China. It was built in about 1420 and rebuilt in 1533 as part of the private pleasure grounds of two dynasties of Chinese emperors. View a model of this pavilion made by Chinese artisans that demonstrates traditional Chinese carving and fine furniture techniques. No nails were used to build this model. Also on view is a case with examples of carving tools.

Donated to the Smithsonian by the China Red Sandalwood Museum in Beijing.