The Riza-i Abbasi Album (Masterpieces of Iranian Drawing)

June 1, 1985 – September 2, 1985

Freer Gallery of Art
Jefferson Drive and 12th Street, SW
Washington, DC

Gallery 7 Floor Plan

On view are 27 drawings, many of them signed and dated by or attributable to Riza-i Abbasi (also known as Aga Riza), acknowledged by art historians to have been among the greatest artists of Iran's Safavid empire (1502-1736). The drawings are part of an album obtained by the museum in 1953 from the collection of Friedrich Sarre, a German art historian who pioneered the study of Islamic art. Also included in the album are works of several of the master's followers, including Muin Musavvir and a Mughal artist Basawan. A selection of Safavid ceramic wares accompanies the exhibition.