The Healer Within

May 28, 2003 – September 2, 2003

Arts and Industries Building
900 Jefferson Drive, SW
Washington, DC 20560

West Hall

The health emphasis in America is shifting from curing disease to preventing it. Through 34 interactive workstations, this hands-on exhibition is designed to give visitors the knowledge to become actively engaged in improving their own health by answering such questions as: How many times does the heart beat in an hour? How long does it take for a cut to heal? How many skin cells does a body replace every minute?

Highlights include:

  • large-scale models of the brain and the heart
  • a replica of a completely dissected human nervous system wired to illuminate the pathways involved in everyday activities
  • "Musculo-Skeletal Cyclist," a model skeleton (wearing a safety helmet) pedaling a trail bike; one leg shows the bone structure in action, the other how muscles and nerves work together
  • a virtual reality tour through the immune system
  • a view of healing tissues at the microscopic level
  • a demonstration of how posture affects the body

Organized by the Still National Osteopathic Museum & Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine.

No photography permitted.