Space Hall

July 1, 1976 – May 15, 1997

National Air and Space Museum
Independence Avenue and 6th Street, SW
Washington, DC

Space Hall, Gallery 114, 1st Floor, East Wing Floor Plan

Space Hall features space boosters, guided missiles, and manned spacecraft.

Highlights include:

  • Skylab-Orbital Workshop, Multiple Docking Adapter and Airlock Module: Visitors may walk through the back-up Skylab spacecraft, America's 1st space station, 1973-1974
  • Spacelab: A model of a scientific lab carried within the space shuttle, where scientists conduct research in space, beginning in 1983 to present.
  • Apollo-Soyuz Test Project: 1st international manned space mission
  • Jupiter-C and Vanguard boosters: 1st 2 U.S. satellite launch vehicles
  • NASA Scout: A modern solid propellant space launch vehicle
  • Minuteman III: U.S. Air Force intercontinental ballistic missile
  • Poseidon: U.S. Navy's fleet ballistic missile -
  • M2-F3: "Lifting Body" used to prepare the way for the development of the Space Shuttle Orbiter