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1996 Holiday Trees
December 7, 1996 – January 5, 1997

See 6 trees decorated with various themes around the museum. 

American History Museum
Recent Acquisitions (1996-97)
December 6, 1996 – July 6, 1997

On view are a daguerreotype of abolitionist John Brown by Augustus Washington, a mezzotint of Benjamin Franklin by Charles Willson Peale, and photos of poets Elizabeth Bishop, Wallace Stevens, Anne Sexton, and Silvia Plath by Rollie McKenna.

Portrait Gallery
Letters of a New Republic: The American Post from the Colonial Era to the Early National Period
November 24, 1996 – April 15, 1997

Mail covers -- some franked by important people of the day -- illustrate mail carried in America by British and American Posts.

Postal Museum
Telling Tales in Japanese Art
November 23, 1996 – August 14, 1997

See 22 paintings on hand scrolls, albums, screens, doors, and fans, dating from the 13th to early 20th centuries, that highlight Japanese visual narration.

Freer Gallery
Aircraft Models Celebrating the U. S. Air Force 50th Anniversary
November 22, 1996 – December 8, 1997

On view are 39 models of Air Force aircraft from 1947 to the present.

Air and Space Museum
American Photographs: The First Century
November 22, 1996 – April 20, 1997

Explore American photography up to 1936 through 170 daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, tintypes, and mechanical photo illustrations.

American Art Museum
The Collection in Context: Paul Gauguin's Hina and Two Attendants
November 20, 1996 – May 7, 1997

This one-gallery exhibition explores the context and creation of the tamanu wood sculpture Hina and Two Attendants (1892), which was created by this French artist while in Tahiti.

Hirshhorn Museum
Star Wars
November 16, 1996 – July 13, 1997

Visit C-3PO, R2-D2 and an Imperial stormtrooper from Star Wars, along with several production paintings from the movie.

Air and Space Museum
An Invitation to Tea
November 9, 1996 – April 26, 1998

Focus on the centuries-old Japanese tea ceremony with 25 objects from Japan, Korean, China, Turkey, and Vietnam.

Freer Gallery
Directions: Rudolf Schwartzkogler
November 7, 1996 – January 20, 1997

This controversial exhibition features 37 photos of bandaged and masked figures from Actionism, Austria's performance-based movement of the 1960s.

Hirshhorn Museum
What's in the Mail for You! Customers and Communities
November 4, 1996 – January 25, 2010

Explore the direct mail industry through this hands-on exhibition featuring interactive displays, videos, computer games, holograms, and graphics.

Postal Museum
Art of the Persian Courts
November 3, 1996 – April 6, 1997

See some 100 paintings, manuscripts, and calligraphic works from the 14th to 19th centuries that explore the influence of Persian culture across Iraq, Iran, India, and Central Asia.

Sackler Gallery
Points of Entry
November 1, 1996 – January 1, 1997

This 3-part photography exhibition examines the meaning and impact of immigration in the United States.

Arts and Industries
From Frying Pan to Flying V: The Rise of the Electric Guitar
November 1, 1996 – October 24, 1997

Two showcases feature 8 vintage guitars and 2 amps that trace the history of the electric guitar and the people involved -- the manufacturers, players, makers, and inventors.

American History Museum
Guitars from the Scott Chinery Collection
November 1, 1996 – October 24, 1997

Trace the history of the guitar and the people involved -- the manufacturers, players, makers, and inventors -- through 30 vintage guitars built between 1852 and 1980. 

American History Museum
Memory: Luba Art and the Making of History
October 30, 1996 – February 23, 1997

Explore the relationship of visual representation to memory and history among the Luba, one of the most important kingdoms in central Africa from the 17th to the 19th centuries, in this collection of 100 objects.

African Art Museum
Red, Hot & Blue: A Salute to American Musicals
October 25, 1996 – July 6, 1997

Some 400 objects provide a collective biography of the people who worked together to create Broadway and Hollywood musicals from the 1860s to the present.

Portrait Gallery
Feather Focus: The History of Feather Research
October 25, 1996 – June 20, 1997

This exhibition case features the feather research of curator Roxie Laybourne, whose research has helped avoid plane crashes, identify illegally poached birds, solve crimes, and identify feathers found in fossils.

Natural History Museum
Stamps & Stories
October 21, 1996 – September 11, 1997

Discover interesting facts behind the creation of 6 individual stamps.

Postal Museum
Chess Stamps
October 21, 1996 – December 15, 1996

This topical display features stamps that share the theme of chess, including stamps depicting famous chess world champions and traditional chess pieces.

Postal Museum

Results: 4628 items
Items Per Page: