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Serving Home and Community: Women of Southern Appalachia
March 1, 1997 – September 7, 1997

See some 50 black and white photos by Barbara T. Beirne show women of the region who have suffered economic hardships due to mining and agricultural issues.

American History Museum
American Quilt Legacy Case: Heptagonal Sunburst Quilt
February 23, 1997 – November 30, 1997

See the Heptagonal Sunburst Quilt (1830-1850) -- with an unusual, 7-pointed sunburst design -- from the Williams family of Milton, Pennsylvania.

American History Museum
Jeff Wall
February 20, 1997 – May 11, 1997

In his first American retrospective, some 30 luminous, pictorial photo narratives created by this Canadian artist since 1978 explore contemporary social issues.

Hirshhorn Museum
Disegno: Italian Renaissance Drawings for the Decorative Arts
February 11, 1997 – May 18, 1997

See 30 drawings and prints, augmented by objects, that examine disegno--the origin of Western design in 16th-century Italy.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Masters of Their Trade: Slave Potters in the South
February 10, 1997 – July 18, 1997

This showcase features 5 stoneware pots and jugs made by slave artisans in the Edgefield District of South Carolina, 1 of 2 major areas in the U. S. known to have relied heavily on slave labor to manufacture stoneware in large-scale potteries. 

American History Museum
The Mighty Marlin
February 7, 1997 – November 1, 2004

See a model of the world-record black marlin (1,560-lb, 14 1/2-ft), caught in 1953 by Alfred Glassell, and a video about marlin research that explores the life cycle of these billfish. 

Natural History Museum
Chinese Gardens in the Painter's Imagination
February 1, 1997 – January 16, 1998

Visit 25 paintings, dating from the 12th to the 19th centuries, that show real and imaginary Chinese gardens.

Freer Gallery
Poles Apart: Parallel Visions of the Arctic and Antarctic
February 1, 1997 – August 4, 1997

See 30 paired photographs by Galen Rowell that compare the terrains and inhabitants of the North and South Polar regions. 

Natural History Museum
Breaking Racial Barriers: African Americans in the Harmon Foundation Collection Breaking Racial Barriers: African Americans in the Harmon Foundation Collection
January 31, 1997 – January 4, 1998

On view are 20 portraits from an exhibition, which toured the U.S. from 1944 through 1954, entitled Portraits of Outstanding Americans of Negro Origin.

Portrait Gallery
Le Tumulte Noir: Paul Colin's Jazz Age Portfolio Le Tumulte Noir: Paul Colin's Jazz Age Portfolio
January 31, 1997 – September 14, 1997

French poster artist Paul Colin (1892-1985), published a portfolio of vividly colored lithographs titled Le Tumulte Noir (The Black Craze) which captured the exuberant jazz music and dance that dazzled Paris in the 1920s.

Portrait Gallery
A King and His Cloth: Asantehene Agyeman Prempeh I
January 29, 1997 – March 23, 1997

See an exhibition featuring the 7x10' "adinkra" cloth owned by Asantehene Agyeman Prempeh I, king of Asante in Ghana from 1888 to 1896.

African Art Museum
Casting the Smithsonian Bell Casting the Smithsonian Bell
January 28, 1997 – April 28, 2000

See photographs, prints, and text explaining the casting and installation of the Smithsonian bell.

Smithsonian Castle
Always Getting Ready--Upterrlainarluta: Yup'ik Eskimo Subsistence in Southwest Alaska
January 26, 1997 – June 8, 1997

View photos by James Barker, from 1973-1992, that explore the annual subsistence cycle of the Yup'ik people from spring seal hunting to winter dance celebrations.

American Indian Museum Heye Center
Spring Bulb Show
January 25, 1997 – March 10, 1997

This indoor display includes spring flowering bulbs, trees, and shrubs.

Arts and Industries
24 Hours in Cyberspace
January 23, 1997 – April 13, 1997

Explore the expanding role of the Internet in bringing people together through 50 photos of people from around the world, from the 24 Hours in Cyberspace book project,  

American History Museum
Vanishing Amphibians
January 22, 1997 – February 16, 1997

Maps, models, photographs, graphics, and text examine the decline of amphibian populations and the unique characteristics that make them vulnerable to changes in their environments.

Ripley Center
Feeling the Spirit
January 20, 1997 – March 23, 1997

See a 3-part photography exhibition featuring works by African American photographers Chester Higgins, Jr. and Stephen Marc.

Arts and Industries
1996 Holiday Trees
December 7, 1996 – January 5, 1997

See 6 trees decorated with various themes around the museum. 

American History Museum
Recent Acquisitions (1996-97)
December 6, 1996 – July 6, 1997

On view are a daguerreotype of abolitionist John Brown by Augustus Washington, a mezzotint of Benjamin Franklin by Charles Willson Peale, and photos of poets Elizabeth Bishop, Wallace Stevens, Anne Sexton, and Silvia Plath by Rollie McKenna.

Portrait Gallery
Letters of a New Republic: The American Post from the Colonial Era to the Early National Period
November 24, 1996 – April 15, 1997

Mail covers -- some franked by important people of the day -- illustrate mail carried in America by British and American Posts.

Postal Museum

Results: 4547 items
Items Per Page: