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Blast from the Past Blast from the Past
June 27, 1997 – April 15, 2010

This showcase features a 11.5-meter tubular core sample that shows physical and biological effects of Earth's collision with a giant asteroid 65 million years ago, which resulted in the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Natural History Museum
The First Federal Postage Stamp Issue
June 27, 1997 – January 12, 1998

Commemorating the 150th anniversary of the first U.S. postage stamps, on view are the 5-cent and 10-cent federal stamps, original documents, covers from the stamps' early history, and die proofs.

Postal Museum
1997 Presidential Scholars in Photography and the Visual Arts
June 26, 1997 – July 20, 1997

View photos, paintings, sculpture, and video art by 6 visual artists and 3 writers from around the country.

American Art Museum
Treasures from Tervuren: Selections from the Belgian Royal Museum for Central Africa
June 25, 1997 – October 19, 1997

See 125 objects from the world's greatest collection of central African art.

African Art Museum
Do-It-Yourself Architecture for the Great Outdoors
June 24, 1997 – October 19, 1997

Visit 10 contemporary commercial tents created for backpackers, mountain climbers, and campers that feature structural and technical ingenuity.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
The Family Car
June 21, 1997 – September 1, 1997

See 3 cars in re-created settings along with other objects that explore how American families have used and enjoyed cars over the years.  

American History Museum
The Jewelry of Tone Vigeland
June 17, 1997 – August 24, 1997

Visit 79 works of Norwegian jeweler Tone Vigeland (b. 1938) in her first retrospective,

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Women and Flight
June 14, 1997 – September 12, 1997

Take in 75 black-and-white photographs of 37 women currently involved in aviation and space exploration by staff photographer Carolyn J. Russo.

Air and Space Museum
Amber: Window to the Past
June 6, 1997 – September 1, 1997

Up to 146 fossil amber specimens and 94 decorative objects bring together the worlds of science and art by exploring the various aspects of amber.

Natural History Museum
Amber and Insects
June 6, 1997 – September 1, 1997

This showcase features the work of Dr. Conrad Labandiera, NMNH curator of fossil arthropods, and includes a diorama of a lakeside forest with fossils (in amber, lake shale, and coal shale) placed in their approximate habitat. 

Natural History Museum
David Hockney's Snails Space: Painting as Performance
June 6, 1997 – September 14, 1997

Watch a painting, illuminated by computerized colored lights, change color and intensity in a 9-minute cycle.

American Art Museum
The Hirshhorn Collects: Recent Acquisitions, 1992-1996
June 4, 1997 – September 7, 1997

View some 100 modern and contemporary works by such artists as Dubuffet, Thiebaud, and Warhol that the museum has collected since 1992.

Hirshhorn Museum
The Bard Brothers: Painting America Under Steam and Sail
May 30, 1997 – September 28, 1997

View some 40 paintings and watercolors feature New York marine scenes created by James and John Bard from the 1820s-1900.

American Art Museum
The Collection in Context: Raymond Duchamp-Villon's "The Horse"
May 23, 1997 – November 30, 1997

This one-gallery presentation explores this French sculptor's (1876-1918) response to and belief in the machine.

Hirshhorn Museum
The Graceful Envelope (1997)
May 23, 1997 – October 4, 1997

Hand-crafted envelopes submitted by professional calligraphers from around the world feature a range of calligraphic methods and styles.

Postal Museum
Audubon and the Smithsonian
May 21, 1997 – July 7, 1998

This exhibition highlights the publishing history of naturalist-artist John James Audubon (1785-1851) and his seminal works The Birds of America and Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America, along with text produced by the artist in support of his "Great Work".

American History Museum
American Families in Photographs
May 20, 1997 – September 1, 1997

Approximately 60 photographs, cartes de visite, daguerreotypes, and ambrotypes depict American families from the 19th century to the present. 

American History Museum
King of the World: A Mughal Manuscript from the Royal Library, Windsor Castle
May 18, 1997 – October 13, 1997

See 44 paintings and 2 illuminations from the Padshahnama, a 17th-century imperial Indian manuscript, on view publicly for the first time.

Sackler Gallery
American Voices: Latino Photographers in the United States
May 16, 1997 – September 28, 1997

See 210 photos from the 1930s to 1994 by 39 Latino artists that explore Mexican American, Puerto Rican, and Cuban American cultures in the U.S.

Ripley Center
Watercolors between World Wars: Selections from the Collection
May 16, 1997 – October 12, 1997

Admire 40 watercolors, dating between 1927 to 1940, that survey the variety of artistic expression in America.

American Art Museum

Results: 4547 items
Items Per Page: