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Santo Pinhole: Postmodern Photography Saint
March 27, 1999 – October 10, 1999

Elizabeth Kay's painting (1992) Santo Pinhole honors photographer Ansel Adams, (1902-1984) and his contribution to modern photography. 

American History Museum
Sokari Douglas Camp: Church Ede, A Tribute to Her Father
March 21, 1999 – June 20, 1999

View an exhibition that showcases the work of Nigerian artist Sokari Douglas Camp (b. 1958). The artist has created figurative works in steel that evoke memories of her youth in southeastern Nigeria.

African Art Museum
Shaker: Furnishings for the Simple Life
March 19, 1999 – July 25, 1999

Learn about the decorative arts, furniture, and tools designed, made, and used by members of a Shaker community in Mount Lebanon, NY.

Renwick Gallery
Dominic Di Mare: A Retrospective
March 19, 1999 – July 25, 1999

Visit a 30-year retrospective of weavings, handmade paper, wall pieces, and sculptures of this San Francisco Bay-area artist.

Renwick Gallery
Down with the FRAUDS: Taxation as Consumer Protection
March 12, 1999 – September 10, 1999

Learn how revenue stamps identified imitation food products and paid for enforcement of new consumer laws starting in the 1870s.

Postal Museum
The Feather Trade and the American Conservation Movement
February 27, 1999 – September 19, 1999

Concern about feathers for fashion adornment led to a campaign to preserve the nation's wildlife.

American History Museum
The Hirshhorn Collection at 25
February 25, 1999 – January 27, 2000

Celebrating the museum's 25th anniversary, fresh combinations of older works with new acquisitions underscore the breadth of the museum's collection.

Hirshhorn Museum
George and Martha Washington: Portraits from the Presidential Years
February 19, 1999 – August 8, 1999

Take a look at George and Martha Washington from the perspective of their contemporaries.

Portrait Gallery
Communities in a Changing Nation: The Promise of 19th-Century America
February 12, 1999 – September 3, 2012

Explore the excitement and dynamism of American life during the 19th century through the experiences of three communities: Bridgeport, Connecticut; Cincinnati, Ohio; and Charleston, South Carolina.

American History Museum
Graphic Design in the Mechanical Age: Selections from the Merrill C. Berman Collection
February 9, 1999 – May 23, 1999

View some 200 works of international graphic design created between the two World Wars, a time of great political upheaval.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Baule: African Art/Western Eyes
February 7, 1999 – May 9, 1999

See more than 150 works that present the range of objects created by the Baule artists from Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa.

African Art Museum
Directions: Juliao Sarmento: Fundamental Accuracy
February 4, 1999 – June 20, 1999

See new works including sculptures and figurative paintings by this Portuguese painter.

Hirshhorn Museum
Behind the Himalayas: Paintings of Mustang
January 31, 1999 – September 26, 1999

Admire Australian architect and artist Robert Powell's watercolors using the same blazing colors found on the buildings of Mustang, a territory that thrusts northward from Nepal into Tibet.

Sackler Gallery
Paul Robeson: Artist and Citizen
January 29, 1999 – April 18, 1999

Celebrate the life of this remarkable man -- artist, singer, actor, athlete, and human rights activist -- with more than 150 objects that tell his story.

Portrait Gallery
1999 Recent Acquisitions: Part I
January 29, 1999 – January 9, 2000

This 2-part exhibition features selected paintings, prints, drawings, photographs, and sculpture acquired for the permanent collection.

Portrait Gallery
Masterworks of Indian Painting III
January 23, 1999 – August 8, 1999

View a changing selection of 16th- through 19th-century Indian paintings from the Mughal dynasty (1526-1858) and the Rajput courts.

Freer Gallery
L'Opera by David Beck
December 18, 1998 – April 25, 1999

Delight in a miniature opera house fantasy work featuring more than 200 animated characters.

American Art Museum
1998 Holiday Trees
December 5, 1998 – January 3, 1999

See 5 decorated trees featuring handcrafted ornaments in both traditional and unusual materials and forms.

American History Museum
Communion of the Spirits: African American Quilters, Preservers, and Their Stories
November 19, 1998 – March 30, 1999

Some 80 quilted pieces and 155 photos illustrate varying methods used by quilters and fabric artists across the country.

Arts and Industries
Unlimited by Design
November 17, 1998 – March 21, 1999

Visit an exhibition that presents designs for products and spaces that serve the greatest spectrum of the population: from toddlers to 7-foot-tall basketball players to those who suffer from medical conditions.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum

Results: 4660 items
Items Per Page: