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Alma W. Thomas: A Retrospective
July 16, 1999 – September 12, 1999

View more than 50 paintings and studies that offer a fresh look into the work of Alma W. Thomas.

Anacostia Community Museum
Locating the Spirit: Religion and Spirituality in African American Art: Part 2
July 16, 1999 – December 1, 1999

See over 85 paintings by some 50 artists that reveal how African American artists use art to express religion and spirituality.

Anacostia Community Museum
Directions: Sam Taylor-Wood
July 15, 1999 – October 17, 1999

Mystery and tension characterize this projected-video installation, Noli Me Tangere, by one of Britain's most noted young artists.

Hirshhorn Museum
American Prairie
July 8, 1999 – April 26, 2005

Learn about the prairie's story from biological, environmental, and cultural perspectives on the Prairie Plant Discovery Trail.

National Zoo
Edward Sorel: Unauthorized Portraits
July 2, 1999 – January 9, 2000

This exhibition features approximately 30 works of award-winning caricaturist Edward Sorel.

Portrait Gallery
Pieced Cotton Album Quilt
July 1, 1999 – January 19, 2000

This album quilt (1846), made for Merinda Shedd Wright of Washington, New Hampshire, is a 9-patch pattern of 96 blocks with signatures of friends and family in each patch block. 

American History Museum
American Quilt Legacy Case: Pieced Cotton Album Quilt
July 1, 1999 – February 14, 2000

This album quilt (1846), made for Merinda Shedd Wright of Washington, New Hampshire, is a 9-patch pattern of 96 blocks with signatures of friends and family in each patch block. 

American History Museum
El Nuevo Mundo: The Landscape of Latino Los Angeles
June 29, 1999 – September 5, 1999

Trace the changes through approximately 100 photographs by Camilo Jose Vergara that reveal the physical and social character of Los Angeles as its population has become increasingly Latino during the past 30 years.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Closing: The Life and Death of an American Factory: Photographs by Bill Bamberger
June 29, 1999 – January 9, 2000

See 57 photographs that chronicle the experiences of factory workers at the 111-year-old White Furniture Company in Mebane, N.C., before it closed in 1993.  

American History Museum
The Soviet Challenge in Space -- Illustrating the Threat
June 23, 1999 – December 31, 1999

View 12 illustrations of space craft and missiles developed by the Soviet Union during the Cold War from the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency's Military Art Collection.

Air and Space Museum
Claiming Art/Reclaiming Space: Post-Apartheid Art from South Africa
June 20, 1999 – September 26, 1999

View paintings, prints, and animated film shorts by South African Artists drawn from the museum's permanent collection.

African Art Museum
Whistler and the Hadens
June 20, 1999 – April 30, 2000

Trace the early years of Whistler's career through 30 etchings, drypoints, drawings, and an oil painting.

Freer Gallery
Under the Sun: An Outdoor Exhibition of Light
June 19, 1999 – September 6, 1999

See a variety of solar and solar electric products and prototypes and learn now the Earth's greatest power source can be a catalyst for design.

Smithsonian Gardens
Picturing Hemingway: A Writer in His Time
June 18, 1999 – January 9, 2000

Explore the life of writer Ernest Hemingway through photographs, paintings, 1st editions, letters, and personal memorabilia.

Portrait Gallery
June 9, 1999 – August 2, 1999

Artifacts and archival materials donated by Michio and Aveline Kushi document their work as advocates of the macrobiotic vegetarian lifestyle.

American History Museum
Winged Figures
June 5, 1999 – March 18, 2001

Honor Abbott Thayer's birth 150 years ago with three of his monumental winged-figure paintings.

Freer Gallery
Masterpieces of Chinese Painting
May 29, 1999 – January 30, 2000

See a selection of 10th- to early 18th-century paintings and calligraphy from the gallery's renowned collection of Chinese art.

Freer Gallery
Preserving the Star-Spangled Banner
May 28, 1999 – September 4, 2006

Visitors can view the Star-Spangled Banner through floor-to-ceiling windows of the specially designed, climate-controlled laboratory.

American History Museum
Brice Marden, Work of the 90s: Paintings, Drawings, and Prints
May 27, 1999 – September 6, 1999

View some 24 paintings and as many works on paper by American artist Brice Marden.

Hirshhorn Museum
Margaret Mee: Return to the Amazon
May 27, 1999 – August 22, 1999

View 52 botanical watercolors of the Amazon by this artist and conservationist (1909-1988) who devoted her life to recording the beauty and diversity of the Amazon.  

Natural History Museum

Results: 4628 items
Items Per Page: