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After the Madness: The Secular Life, Art and Imitation of Bada Shanren (1626-1705)
February 15, 2003 – July 27, 2003

Visit 15 works created by the artist, together with 4 later forgeries, and 2 paintings by 20th-century followers. Issues of connoisseurship, copying, and fakery are discussed.

Sackler Gallery
El Rio: Culture and Environment in the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo Basin
February 14, 2003 – April 30, 2003

Examine the relationship between local culture, traditional knowledge, and sustainable environment in the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo basin.

Arts and Industries
Portrait of the Art World: A Century of ARTnews Photographs
February 7, 2003 – April 6, 2003

See 100 original vintage prints of photographs reproduced in the National Portrait Gallery's magazine since it began publication as Hyde's Weekly Art News in 1902.

Ripley Center
My Story...Gordon Snidow Retrospective Exhibition
February 7, 2003 – May 11, 2003

View Gordon Snidow's art, which portrays the contemporary cowboy, including pencil sketches, watercolors, oil paintings, and gouache.

Arts and Industries
Resistance, Creativity and Survival: The Janina Rubinowitz Collection of Maroon Arts
February 3, 2003 – August 31, 2003

Explore the history of communities created by runaway slaves, known as maroons, in South America and the Caribbean in this exhibition of 65 paintings, wood carvings, photographs, and objects used in worship ceremonies.

Anacostia Community Museum
Captive Passage: The Transatlantic Slave Trade and the Making of the Americas
February 3, 2003 – August 31, 2003

Follow the story of the slave trade told from a maritime perspective through more than 200 objects and images.

Anacostia Community Museum
George Catlin's Indian Gallery
February 1, 2003 – January 4, 2004

Recall Catlin's installation of his Indian Gallery as he displayed it during his tours of Europe in the 1840s, with works hung salon-style, one-atop-another and side-by-side.

Renwick Gallery
Journeys and Destinations: Contemporary African Artists on the Move
January 30, 2003 – November 30, 2003

View an exhibition featuring the work of six contemporary African artists that explores the important histories of migration and the negotiations of artistic, cultural, personal, and group identities.

African Art Museum
Ethiopian Icons: Faith and Science
January 30, 2003 – October 5, 2003

View an exhibition that focuses on the icon--an art form associated with the Ethiopian Orthodox church--and features six icons from the museum's collection that have recently undergone technical analysis and conservation treatment.

African Art Museum
A Korean American Century
January 22, 2003 – June 8, 2003

This comprehensive display of photographs focuses on the historic events affecting Korean immigration, and on the achievements of Korean Americans.

Natural History Museum
Nature's Jewels: A Living Exhibit of Orchids and Butterflies
January 18, 2003 – May 26, 2003

Explore biodiversity in this 8th annual orchid exhibition co-sponsored by the Smithsonian Horticulture Services Division and the U.S. Botanic Garden.

Arts and Industries
Whistler in Venice: The Pastels
January 18, 2003 – June 15, 2003

See 14 unusually beautiful and rare pastels that Whistler completed while in Venice between September 1879 and November 1880, capturing the varied moods of the watery city.

Freer Gallery
Journeys of the Spirits
January 15, 2003 – March 15, 2003

See 21 photographs of ancient Native American petroglyphs and sacred ceremonial sites by photographer Joe Triscari.

Arts and Industries
Not June Cleaver: Spotlight on Business and Professional Women of the 1950s
January 15, 2003 – March 4, 2003

On view are business records, photographs, and marketing materials related to the careers of 4 successful American businesswomen.

American History Museum
The Religious Art of Japan
December 21, 2002 – January 4, 2015

Important works from the Freer's collection of Japanese religious art are exhibited.

Freer Gallery
The Edge of Enchantment
December 15, 2002 – August 3, 2003

View exhibits presenting the histories, contemporary lives, and traditions among the Native communities of the Huatulco-Huamelula region of Oaxaca, Mexico.

American Indian Museum Heye Center
Picture Puzzles: Red Cloud and His Uncle's Shirt
December 13, 2002 – July 2, 2004

This exhibit case documents and reveals the extensive amount of research that goes into the reproduction of a single photograph for a publication, as well as the use of this information to identify an important artifact in the collection. 

Natural History Museum
Gingerbread Creations by Jan Curry
December 7, 2002 – December 24, 2002

See 5 gingerbread creations by Jan Curry, a food columnist and theatrical set designer from Raleigh, North Carolina.

Arts and Industries
The Floating World Revealed-Ukiyo-e Paintings and Prints
December 7, 2002 – May 26, 2003

See 15 paintings and 32 woodblock prints from the entertainment and theater districts, and pleasure quarters of Japan's great cities during the Edo period.

Freer Gallery
Tea in the Floating World
December 7, 2002 – May 26, 2003

Enjoy a small exhibition of tea ceremony paraphernalia that looks at the less familiar side of tea-drinking customs during the Edo period.

Freer Gallery

Results: 4628 items
Items Per Page: