Quilts from the Indiana Amish

March 6, 1987 – June 7, 1987

Renwick Gallery
1661 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC

2nd Floor

See 17 quilts, created between 1875 and 1940 by Amish women in northeastern Indiana, collected by David Pottinger, who became fascinated with the Amish people, moved into their community, and researched the exact dates of many of the quilts and the names of their makers. The intricately pieced early works are rich in color, graphic, and often mysterious, while quilts made after 1940 are very different--with pastel colors, synthetic fibers, and larger and less bold patterns. Supplementing the exhibition will be pin cushions, children's clothing, crib quilts for dolls and rag baby or "lumba bubba" dolls, which are faceless to comply with the Biblical imperative forbidding the making of graven images.