Germans to America: 300 Years of Immigration 1683-1983

March 23, 1983 – April 7, 1983

Smithsonian Institution Building (The Castle)
1000 Jefferson Drive, SW
Washington, DC

Associates' Lounge (currently Schermer Hall)

Examine the history and the reasons behind the immigration of the largest single nationality in the U.S. Some 50 panels display photographs, including a portrait of William Penn; pictures of houses and towns, including Krefeld in Germany and Germantown in Philadelphia; illustrations of strife in Germany; and of prominent German-Americans, such as Albert Einstein, Henry Kissinger, and Werner von Braun. The exhibit was co-sponsored by the German Embassy and the Smithsonian Resident Associates Program, and traveled throughout the U.S. after closing at the Smithsonian. It was organized by the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations in Stuttgart, Germany.