Exhibition Flight

July 1, 1976 – 1980

National Air and Space Museum
Independence Avenue and 6th Street, SW
Washington, DC

Exhibition Flight, Gallery 106, 1st Floor, West Wing Floor Plan

This gallery highlights barnstorming, aerobatics, air racing, and air shows that are used to entertain the public, introduce and popularize flying, and accelerate the technical development of aircraft.

Highlights include:

  • Animated dioramas put visitors in the center of action at such events as the 1st U.S. international air meet held at Belmont Park, New York in 1910
  • an auto-vs.-airplane race, and a wing-walking exhibition
  • Great exhibition flyers are recalled: Lincoln Beachy, Roscoe Turner, Beverly Howard, among others
  • Films on air shows are shown in the Grandstand Theater Historic airplanes such as the Buecker Jungmeister and a Turner Meteor Special, among others
  • Capturing the excitement of skydiving and soaring