Conversations with the Earth: Indigenous Voices on Climate Change

July 22, 2011 – January 2, 2012

National Museum of the American Indian
4th Street and Independence Avenue, SW
Washington, DC

Sealaska Gallery, 2nd Level Floor Plan

This exhibition — the first of its kind devoted to indigenous science — provides a Native perspective on global climate change. Through photographs, video, and audio of tribal communities from the Arctic to Brazil, this exhibition reveals the environmental impact of pollution, including imposed mitigation and its consequences on local livelihoods. Conversations with the Earth adds the voices of the Earth's traditional stewards to the search for a viable response to the challenges of climate change. In the words of Inupiat leader Patricia Cochran, chair of the Indigenous Peoples' Global Summit on Climate Change, "We are a harbinger of what is to come, what the rest of the world can expect."