African Masterpieces from the Musee de L'Homme

April 8, 1985 – June 9, 1985

National Museum of African Art
950 Independence Avenue, SW
Washington, DC

1st and 2nd Floor, 318 A St., NE Floor Plan

On view are 100 world-renowned works of art from West and Central Africa, most of which have never been on display outside of France. Included are ceremonial masks and figures, sacred works used in rituals, utilitarian objects, and musical instruments. One-third of the works date before 1906; another third are from scientific expeditions, mostly of the 1930s; and the final third were gifts to the French museum from art collectors.

Co-curated by Susan Vogel, Center for African Art, New York City, and Francine N'Diaye, Musee de L'Homme, Paris, the exhibition was on view at the Center for African Art before to its showing at AfA.